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Mary Emmazilla Lutz Hi Tessa, This is my first time to visit this web site and I was surprised to see you here. Did you realize it was Uncle Vince's family that set this up? The internet sure makes the world small. I hope all is well with you and hope to see you again soon. love Aunt Mary
4 years ago
Tessa Bind Hi Aunt Mary!
I just recently joined the Lutz website so that I could see the information he had about the Thrasher family. I originally wanted to make a family tree for Noah and then found it fun to search for more information about my ancestors.
All is well with us- we just bought a house and are still fixing it up. I always see pictures of your beautiful grandkids on Facebook- looks like you are all really happy! I hope we will see you next time we are in Texas! It has been too long!
4 years ago