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Jenna Nelson Jerry Frimood
I've been putting a family tree together and noticed my fathers family is apart your family tree. My name is Jenna daughter of Jerry Eugene Frimood Sr. Im not sure who you are though, I dont really know all that much about my father being he passed 2 months before my birth. No one really talks about him much, other then to tell me the basics on what they all believed happend in my fathers suicide. An haha they all have a different story, Image that. I saw your addings and called my mother to see if she knew Hagens and she had no idea so I didnt really think it would be out of line to ask. After all I am interested in having some idea of my family and all relitives I've never meet or heard of, beings there are so many.
8 years ago
Chris Stieber I dont know who you are either and the name you sent I've never heard of. But I'll check it out. thanks
7 years ago
George Holmes Mary, I'd like to be able to look at your family tree if that's okay with you. Trying to find out more about our connection(s)..

George Holmes
5 years ago