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Donald (Don) Bergey Website
Tom,Wow!  I can see lots of work went into the launch of your portion of this MyFamily heritage website.  Congratulations on putting this information in a common forum for all to see and contribute. Don Bergey17 June 2008 
7 years ago
Tom Witman Website
Thanks DonI appreciate the comments.  Yes, it's a lot of work.  I had to abandon another program I was using because this company bought them out and discontinued the old program support.  I couldn't import about 500 photos so now I have something to do.  Ha ha.Ps: I enjoy your photos and envy you on your trips.  I love to travel but it seems to get harder each year both physically, mentally, and logistically with the airlines.  See my videos on YouTube by searching for 'pensandcalls'. Tom
7 years ago
Paulette Moyer Photo
Nice photo of you.   I didn't know the cops gave you a copy of your mug shot! 
7 years ago
SMURDA Jim and VALERIE SMURDA Hey Cuz,, Was that your graduation picture from SingSing or your AARP card ID picture.
7 years ago
Tom Witman Ha ha ha. And the on..... :o) I cut the number I was holding off of the picture........
7 years ago
Jeanne Carroll Hey Tom! Don't know if this is the right place to write about the picnic, but count on at least two more from the Jersey side attending. Mom and I are really looking forward to it.
7 years ago
Tom Witman Hi Jeanne, that's great. Post it here: so that Phyliss can see it.
Take care,
7 years ago