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Dianne Snell There are a lot of Bolstads in the Voss area of Norway yet today. Bolstad is more like a community, as it even has it's own station on the train route. I went there on the train from Bergen. There is a church there, too.I can send you some photos. The farm that my Johannes Larson had is now called Bergegarden, and I have communicated with a Magne Bolstad, but I wasn't able to see him when I was there as he was in the north country.
338 days ago
Michael Dobson any photos would be welcome, nice you were able to visit Norway, I and my sister JoAnn went to Norway about 15 years ago and went through Voss but did not stop, no time avaliable. we also went to Laerdal and Solvorn.
338 days ago
MaryE Pope My Aunt Elsie died of influenza after Cuban confict, brought home by returning soldier husband, Pete McFarland, brother to Melvin McFarland who married Ina Grace Ooton, Elsie's sister. Elsie left a small child, also now deceased, named Ivy McFarland, who married Rude Johnson.
263 days ago
Dianne Snell My Hans Hanson Bolstad, born 1811 on Bolstad, went to America in the 1850's, married Britha Knudsdatter Brunborg in 1859 in Spring Prairie, Wisconsin, and had my Grandfather John Hanson Mestad in 1865. So now my tree is messed up, as you have him marrying another lady and living in Norway. So how do I fix that? I have the records. He died 1889 in Highland Township, Emmet County, Iowa.
67 days ago
Michael Dobson I believe your Hans is a different Hans then my Hans, If you look at the Gysler tree on Ancestry by Raymond Gysler. you will find a alternative to the information on your tree. I believe some one has made an assumption and had combined the wrong information. He has Kristoffer (Christopher) Hanssen Sagedalen Heie and Birgit Olsdatter Lei-Eieas as his parents. He has Hans Christopherson Sagedalen Hanson as his name.
The Enger tree by jennaenger also has the almost the same information. There are 5 other trees with the same Information. I hope this helps.
67 days ago