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Val Jolly

Joined:June 10 2007 (8 years ago)
Genealogy surnames I am researching:McGregor, Noakes, Jolly, Thomas, Owens, Hughes, Small, Wooley, Etc
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Louise Atherton Hello Val
I have more information re Florence Boden if you would like to contact me
7 years ago
Val Jolly Hi Lou
Yes it would be much appreciated if you gave me some more info I just found more on very interesting I willsee if they match up there son married Linda Noakes and her father was the brother of my
g grandmother Eliza Noakes
my email is
Cheers Val
7 years ago
Andrew Smith Hi Val,

I have just started my family tree and we have a connection through Elsie Neville born Liverpool NSW 1882 died Liverpool 1919. She was my Great Grand Mother.

My email is
7 years ago
Val Jolly Hi Andrew
I am not sure wether I returned your email I don't like My Heritage very much so I never check it out and when you sent your email I was getting ready to leave on and overseas trip for a month. I will contact you by your other email
Regards Val J
7 years ago
Trevor Hamilton Hi Val
Im interested in any information on Alfred William Wing who is in your tree (although I am unsure of the connection. He was my great grandfather.
6 years ago
Trevor Hamilton My email is hamilton57@dodo,com,au
6 years ago
Mike Jackson Hi Val
In your family tree you mention Henry Sheather married Eileen Bowen can you tell me if there was any children
Mike Jackson
6 years ago
heather dawson Hi Val, i believe we have a connection in our family trees..Rev Samual Marsden...i have just started my family tree...
4 years ago
Helene McCormack Hi Val Elizabeth Emily Berlyn was my grandmother , Where do you fit in the family tree of the Berlyns/ CHEERS Helene Overment UK
4 years ago
Myles Wenban Hi VAl
just saw you have David Wenban born 1828 listed as David Henry Wenban. There is no Henry in his name and I have no idea where this Henry came from? as it seems to be perpetuated all through these Heritage sites.
Frederick Myles Wenban
P S David is my Gt Gt Grandfather
4 years ago
Val Jolly Hi Myles
I will correct mine and thankyou for letting us know however as most people will do their research using NSW BDM or I just checked once more in and that is where the Henry has been put in it must have been submitted by someone in the LDS church
Check it out for yourself and you will see
Cheers Val J
4 years ago
Trudi McMahon Hi Val,
I have just started my family tree and am interested in your father's brother - Geoffrey Bernard Goldman I do believe. Can you tell me if there is some Jewish flavour to this part of the tree?
4 years ago
Trudi McMahon Hi Val, I have posted some photos. Can you tell me if you recognise any one please.

4 years ago
Trudi McMahon Hi again Val,
my mother told me that her cousin from Forbes was working on the family tree. Her name is Gaye Wills, nee goldman. I'm wondering if your're her cousin.

4 years ago
Harvey Johnson hi val
I believe we may have a family connection through Herbert Samual Adams ( my great grand father) but none of my searches have the name webb in the tree, how do you fit in
4 years ago
Val Jolly Will check it out and let you know ASAP

4 years ago
Harvey Johnson Hi Val
Wondering if you have had any sucess in tracing the link between the Webb Family and the Adams family
4 years ago
Emma Greenhough Val - I'm not convinced that Wiggins matches Wickens!!
4 years ago
Cheryl Murray Hi Val

We have 162 matches in our family tree and I believe most them are the Blyth, Williams Tyson families I would like to join your tree to compare notes.

My Blyth Lineage is

Christina Blyth (my 3 x Grandmother)
Birth 1837 in Cupar, Fifeshire, Scotland
Death 6 October 1893 in Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia

Elizabeth Mary Williams (my great great Grandmother)
Birth 3 June 1858 in Jones Island, Manning River, New South Wales, Australia
Death 22 January 1944 in Old Koreelah, New South Wales, Australia

Johannah Christina Hickey (my Great grandmother)
Birth 1880 in Manning River, New South Wales, Australia
Death 1965 in St Leonards, New South Wales, Australia
**Have ordered death certificate**

Elizabeth May (May) Murray nee Tyson (My Grandmother)
Birth 23 October 1904 in Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia
Death 31 August 1990 in Nelson Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Bruce Arnold Murray (my father)

I also have ancestry tree with more on it as well. My email is

Cheryl Murray
3 years ago
cathy trout Hi Val My family tree starts with Augustus Edward Baynton & Cecillie Anne Baynton (Pearce) and goes on from there. the other side is the Howards but most of the tree starts mainly with the Bayntons and branches off from there it's actually led me to my 12th Great Grandfather Sir Henry Cromwell and his son my 11th Great Oliver Cromwell I don't know if u have gone back that far yet but it's there on mine if you'd like to have a look at my tree your more than wecolm Cathy Trout
3 years ago
Charles Oakenfull H Val I see you have Cornelius family members in you family tree / through smart matches //I was wondering have far you have gone with this family as the are from my great grandfathers bothers family Regards Charles
3 years ago
Storm Jacklin Hi Val Think we have a match through John Robert Hardie 1833 to 1904 can you confirm
3 years ago
Robyn Aulmann Val, Joseph ' Jones' is the son of Francis Jones. Jane marries Francis in 1815 on the demise of Michael Harrison. This relationship appears short lived and Francis and son Francis born 1815 appear to have left the scene when or before the trial of 1820 when Jane (Wheatley) Harrison Jones was sentenced to transportation bringing with her 3 yr old Joseph. Taking on the name Harrison!
2 years ago
Judy Comer Hi Val,
I am a grand daughter of Florence Greatrex (Lane)
She moved to New Zealand after marriage and had 10 children - one of them my mother Dorothy
2 years ago
penelope allingham Hi Val, Just wondering what your interest in Henry Peter Allingham might be, are you related to him He was my grandfather and I know nothing about him. Would love to continue researching up this ancestry line but seem to be stuck. Any ideas?
291 days ago
Priscilla Charlton Hello Val, I'm a charlton and my family are Bayliss, Tusso or tuzzo and Kite family and you somehow fit in so wondering how! Thanks
197 days ago