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Diania Kendall Hello Ronald,
My name is Diania Kendall. I'm searching for the Caseby...Casbur family ancestors. I was wondering if your Caseby's were part of my Casebys? My Great-Grandmother was Delilah (Dulida) and she had a brother named Daniel. I can't seem to get any farther than Harlston...any help would be greatly appreciated.
7 years ago
Ronald Rodger CASEBY Dear Diania Kendall, It was good to hear from you. A Happy New Year to you and yours. I doubt if I can help you except to say that in 120+ years of family research by me, my father and his father have found at least 140+ variants of our surname CASEBY. Maybe not surprising as DNA analysis which I had done by (with a 40% off offer at the moment) indicates a continuous paternal lineage of over 23,000 years and a maternal one of over twice that much. To have your DNA tested is probably the only way you will prove a link between you and those related to you. Kind regards, Ron.
7 years ago
Lloyd Jordan Hi Ronald my name is Lloyd Jordan and I am a humphries descendent of which you have an Ian Percival Humphries on your site who married June ross whos maternal g mother was Isabell Cooper Caseby.

Ian is my 1st cousin once removed,

If you would like data from the humphries I have a fair amount of it but for various reasons it will not all show up on my myheritage as only 460 names were on there prior to them changing the numbers although I have continued to build on here and am able to send you chart data if you wish which is the most uptodate rather than you looking at my site. anyway let me know either through here or on my email add

Look forward to hearing from you

6 years ago
Ronald Rodger CASEBY Dear Lloyd, A Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones. It was good to hear from you, I would love to add some more about your family and give you as the source and I can let you have a gedcom with whatever you specify for the New Zealand CASEBY family. my email address is as follows:
6 years ago
Check this web site out. THE BACON FAMILY has 50,000 + names that may be helpful to you.
5 years ago
LYNNE KERESTY-HERITAGE My 4th great grandfather was born 08/05/1744 and died 10/11/1821. He was born in London and died here in Philly. He came at the request of Ben Franklin to Phila to set up his textile shop. His father was Peter Hewson a woolen draper and his mother Catherine Lowe and married in St. Catherines towers. Here in the states he is noted for his notable textiles and his study at Bromley Hall with many many works of art. He married a Mary last name unknown and then later dyying after coming to the states she married a Zebiah Smallwood. His daughter Mary married Capt John Benj Labbree of the Gurnsey/Salk Islands in Phila and he left family behind there. Interested in what kind of information lies in England about John Hewson. Prior to him it was Col Hughson to whom captured Lutrellestown Castle for 5 years and was known in the Regiciedes. I kept this as brief as possible for you.
Thanks and if there is a special web site for me to log on to this information over there please let me know. .
5 years ago
LYNNE KERESTY-HERITAGE OOps he married Zebiah Smallwood and had 12 children with her not counting the 5 by my grandmother Mary. Wow ! We have our own street here in Philly called Hewson St and his textile shop was at the Point of no Point where the horseman rode through Philly shouting the British are coming the British are coming. That shop was along the river and the British came to capture him with a 5000 pound for dead or alive but he floated his family and as much goods as possible onto a raft into the middle of the Del River to which now is too deep to do that but I do know where the island is that he got to which is right off the State of Nj at Pennsville.
5 years ago
LYNNE KERESTY-HERITAGE A Nathanal Norgrove was his assistant that came to the states with him and several others not noted at that time.
5 years ago
Unknown Hi Roger
You have my Ancestors mentioned Richard Burnett & Sarah Ironmonger would love to swap info with you
Helen in New Zealand
4 years ago
Fiona Watson HI Rodger i may have put you wrong insome of the information in regards to Alfred BALL.
Ellen Matida Jane was the daughter of ALFRED Ball
and she married a man named Stephen FILGATE Prentice JR who then had a daughter(Mildred Ellen Prentice .who was my grandmother
Also i see that you have only one of my sibblings on your tree in fact there should be the following
1Fiona Helen
2Susan Mary Besely (nee) Weston
3Stephen George Weston
4 Amanda Joy Cottle (Nee) WESTON

5Douglas John Weston

6Christine Cherly Tortich (nee)WESTON SORRY if i have put you out on your information Best regards Fiona
4 years ago
Fiona Watson also i was born in New Zealand July 12 .7.1949 not in the usa
4 years ago
Ronald Rodger CASEBY Thannks.
4 years ago