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Scott Holder Holder Genealogy
Hi, you seem to have several people in your genealogy page that match with mine and I would love to compare notes with you.Scott Holder, 
8 years ago
Dorothy Smith Holder Genealogy
That would be great!  I just got started on putting together the Family Tree for my family.  I would love to see what you have on the Medders Tree, and see if we have any  relatives that we both may be related to.  You can send it to me through my web page in my mail box.  Thanks for writing. Ms. Smith
7 years ago
Grady Collier Meg we seem to be following the same trails in our family research. My name is Grady Collier, descendant of Richard Elee Collier (5/4/1887) of Sturgis Ms. I would like to share records if possible. I can be reached by email at Grady Collier
7 years ago
Mark Taylor Hi Meg I'm Carrie Reeve's great great grandson, seems we have quiet a bit of common ground. My mother Adele is stil alive an remebers the Georgia Aunts and great Aunts coming to vist in Texas when she was a little girl. Let me know if I can plug some holes for you. Mark Taylor, Newtown Ct.
7 years ago