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David V. Hughey

Joined:June 6 2007 (8 years ago)
Genealogy surnames I am researching:Hughey, Alexander, Proffitt, Pitts, Henderson, Cox, Dickerson, Cosby, Loftus, Willoughby, Taborsky, Havel, Sills, McTaggart, Fralick
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Unknown William HENDERSON
Hello David,I just discovered that William DAVIS, b. Hanover, Louisa Co, VA is also your ancestor.  He is my 5th ggrandfather, the father of John who m. Nancy SINGLETON. Since your site is private, I can't enter it unless I receive an invitation from you.  I'd really appreciate the opportunity to visit your site, or become a member, if many of our relatives are the same.  I also have DAVIS ancestors connected with HENDERSONS.  Asael DAVIS, Jr. m. Elizabeth HENDERSON, and their daughter, Barbara Henderson DAVIS m. James Preston HAWKINS. That couple are my gggrandparents.  Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks, Betty Sullivan
8 years ago
David V. Hughey William HENDERSON
Hi Betty,How do I invite you?  Though it says, I was webmaster of the Hughey Web Site sincd June 6, 2007, myheritage only recently made me aware of the site.  Though I'm descended from both Henderson and Hawkins families, John Henderson, who married Nancy Singleton, is my 5th cousin, 8 generations removed.  I do have a lot of collateral lines posted.  My dad's father is descended from the Henderson family, and my dad's mother from the Hawkins one.  I'm still searching for my elusive Hughey ancestors, though.The other things that I should tell you is (1) that I have been rebuilding my computer files since my computer crashed November 2006 and (2) that I have not recently been able to put an updated file on (I do have two older files that myheritage transfered directly from gencircles).  I don't know if I've changed any data in the lines in which you are interested, but if so, I can provide you with appropriate updates.Sincerely,Dr. David V. Hughey   
8 years ago
Unknown William HENDERSON
Hello David,If you go to your profile page, on the right side you'll see two things you can push -- one is "Invite Betty(and my 4 digit number) to Hughey web site".  The other one says "Invite Betty #### to Hughey family relatives".If you press the first one, My Ancestrors will notify me.I will also invite you to my site in a minute, and you can look at the HENDERSON and DAVIS families.Yhanks, Betty Sullivan   
8 years ago
Vickie Cole Hi
Hi David are you also related to the Horns? When I click on some of mine it brings me to your page also,,, or part of it  smiles,,,  Still new to this and just trying to figure it out .
8 years ago
David V. Hughey Hi
Hi Vickie,Aaron Horn, who died at Ft. Boonesborough, October 1, 1778, is my 6th great-grandfather.  I descended from his daughter, Sarah (aka Sally), who married Daniel Dumford.  From there, the line goes:daughter, Sevilla Dumford, married Jobe Crowe, haddaughter, Elizabeth Crowe, who married her first cousin, haddaughter, Nancy Anne Crowe, who married George Washington Pitts, who haddaughter, Sarah Elizabeth Pitts, who married Thomas Eli Proffit, who had daughter, Martha Frances Proffit, who married Robert Franklin Hughey, who had son,Vaughn Hughey, who married Janet Ruth Taborsky (aka Tabor), who had son,David V. Hughey (me) So how do you relate?
8 years ago
Vickie Cole Hi
Hi again. If I am doing this right  I have a great great grandmother by the name of Elizabeth M (Bett) Crowe  she married Thomas Tipton. Also have a Malinda Crowe that married  William Hannibal Tipton  Like I said I am still new to this but I saw you had stuff on the Tiptons and the Horns  My mom was a Tipton my dad a Horn
8 years ago
Vickie Cole Hi
Havent had much luck tracing the Horns back as far as the Tiptons yet but getting there. Smiles
8 years ago
Vickie Cole Hi
I am kin to a Aaron Horn think its like 4th gen grandfather who was married to a Betsy Barker  But I have no idea just what this other lady told me from her records,,  Is his dad William Horn who was married to a Susanna Hall?  I will prolly end up doing more harm than good with this stuff,,,,LOL,, but its fun
8 years ago
martha zickefoose hello
i want to thank you with this info i am 42 and john castle is my great great grandfather he is my grandmothers father was married to nancy and they had her thanks so much
8 years ago
Robin VanDeWeghe Stearns Family
I've just started at this web sight.  I see that you have the Stearns in your family history, how are you related?  Louisa Stearns Prescott is my Great Grandmother.  Geneology has come along way in the past decade!  Funny, I have a copy of family history done in the 19th century at the vatican~what would they think of web sights like this!
7 years ago
David V. Hughey Stearns Family
Robin,The only Louisa Stearns I have was born on January 6, 1886; she's my 15th cousin, twice removed.  I have a couple of family connections to her.  Common ancestors include the Nevilles and the Sutton (or Dudley) family; given that we are distant "cousins," the relationships are a number of generations back.  Edmund Sutton, Lord Dudley, was my 13th great-grandfather.  I descend from the first wife, Joyce de Tiptoft; Louisa Stearns descends from the second, Matilda de Clifford.  I can also give you common ancestors for the Neville family between Louisa and me.  Is this your Louisa Stearns?My sister-in-law (My brother Rick's wife) is descended from the Watermans, but neither I nor brother Rick are. Bye for now,Dr. David V. Hughey.  
7 years ago
Anita Madden Melinda Caudill
Hi,I am new to this, so please bear with me.  I see you have Melinda Caudill listed on your site.  My parental grandparents names were Stephen H. Brown and Melinda (Caudill) Brown.  My grandmother's birthdate was February 2, 1887.  Is this the same person you have listed?  I would also like more information on my Grandpa Brown's heritage if you have any availble.  I know that his parents names were William "Billy" Brown, born Oct 26 1858, died Nov 23, 1927 and Sarah "Sallie" (Caudill) Brown, born Feb 23, 1860, died Feb 29,1920.  I haven't been able to find anything farther back on my Brown relatives than William "Billy" Brown, my great grandfather.  Any information or advise would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,Bead Nut 
7 years ago
David V. Hughey Melinda Caudill
Your grandmother was my 4th cousin, once removed. She was descended from William Turner Hampton and Mary Proffitt; I'm descended from  Mary's sister, Sarah Elizabeth Profftt.  I don't have much on William Brown; I do have his birth date and his death date. Unfortunately, I don't have any ancestral information on him.I have been rebuilding my files since November 2006 when my computer crashed.Sincerely,Dr. David  V. Hugheyyour cousin
7 years ago
Jason Parsons Arbogast branch
Dear Mr. Hughley, We share a branch on the Arbogast line.  Can you give me access to your tree so I can fill in the holes?  Thanks much. Regards, Melissa and Jason Parsons
7 years ago
David V. Hughey Arbogast branch
Good morning, Jason,I should have a more up-to-date tree on this coming Sunday, I've got several "old" trees on and I'm not too sure when I can replace them with a new one on MyHeritage.  I have had to rebuild my trees from the time my computer crashed in November 2006 and the rebuilding is still in process.  My user name on is david_hughey.  I believe all my Arbogast information on MyHeritage are on my "old" trees, not on my smaller ones (Loftus, Ramsey).  I have the same user profile for all trees. If you still want access after you see what I have on, e-mail me at and I will see what I can do. Sincerely,David
7 years ago
Grace Knowles HI David,
I noticed that we share several members of the Peck family. I am the daughter of Faye L. Peck daughter of William Henry Peck son of George Washington Peck son of Jared George Peck. The Pecks originalated (to the best of my knowledge) from New Hampshire via Wisconsin. My branch went to Idaho in the 1850's or
1860's. They were very early day pioneers in the Camas Prairie (Fairfield/Soldier/Crighton area) They had a trading post on the trail from Fort Boise to Fort Hall.
Please let me know how we are connected.
Thanks so much
Grace Knowles
Darby, MT
7 years ago
dleslie harris I am Denise Leslie - x wife of Perry Leslie, who is the son of Morris Leslie. I am building a tree for my daughter and saw that you have a Morris Leslie that matches what I know about Perry's dad. I am not in contact with Perry and would like to fill in more info on that side of the family. I can be contacted at if this is the same Morris Leslie and if you would share info on him with me. I have nothing other than his name bday,date he died. I would love to have his information on the tree Im building for my kids.
7 years ago