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Danielle Stevenson Henrietta Corbridge Higgs.
I notice that you have my great grandmother in your tree. She was a very secretive woman and I would love some more information about her husbands/partners.ThankyouDanielle Stevenson
8 years ago
Sandra Arrell Henrietta Corbridge Higgs.
Dear Danielle,  I don't have Henrietta Higgins in my tree    Yours sincerely    Sandy Arrell
8 years ago
Danielle Stevenson Henrietta Corbridge Higgs.
Her name is Henrietta Corbridge Higgs and she was married to Lancelot Higgs. I found them listed on your tree when I inputtheir names on my own tree. She is the second wife and born in 1909. Have another look!I can understand if you don't wish to share any information, I just got excited that I could find her husband.Thanks for you reply anywayDanielle
8 years ago
Sandra Arrell Henrietta Corbridge Higgs.
Dear Danielle,  I looked in my genes reunited as well as this site and can't find any Higgs or Corbridges.  I have Henriettas in the Mowle and Freeman families - would one of these be her maiden name?      Cheers        Sandy
8 years ago
Sandra Arrell Pitkins
Dear Danielle,  In smart matches I thught the matches in our trees were in the Pikins family,but I can't find any in your trees  Maybe the smart matches are wrong?     Cheers     Sandy
8 years ago
Danielle Stevenson Pitkins
Hi SandraMaybe they've matched us up wrong cause my matches are definately in the Higgs family. The tree I match with belongs to David John Gaul so maybe I've somehow sent these messages to the wrong person??? I don't know how, I used an automatic communication thingy on the website!Henrietta's maiden name is Attenborough. She Married Lancelot Higgs and some guy called Lewis Johnstone. Curious... Thanks for all your info. I'll keep an eye out for any Pitkins.Good luck with your tree!
8 years ago
Josiane Hinanui HUNTER Hi !
my great grand mother is Ann Marsh and i am the great grand daugther of Suzannah CHAPMAN-FLANAGAN and i'd like ust looking your tree if you want to share it with me
7 years ago
David John Gaul Danielle,
Lancelot and Henrietta m 1944 in Lawson, NSW. She had previously m Lewis Henry Johnstone in Sydney in 1934 they divorced and he died he died 1964. Lancelot d in 1945 in Port Macquarie and had m Ella Chambers and had two boys before she died in 1936. This is NSW BDM info and unverified. Cheers,
7 years ago
Gail Minter Hello David
I have started a tree so please see the information there that I promised you.
7 years ago
Lisa Stevans Is it possible for you to give me a contact for member, Tiana ou Diana, in regards to her request for information on Ann Marsh, Irving, Chapman, Flanigan ect... as i would love to help her with and give her information that i also share the same ancestory with her.
Kindest regards
Lisa Stevans
7 years ago
David william Hitchenson hI Ann Clememts married George Herbert the smart seach suggests same person although DOD is different ????
7 years ago
Gwelda Mawhinney Hi David, Amy Jane Smith Want was my mother, so I'd like to contact you regards our relationship. Gwelda Mawhinney
6 years ago
Juney Gordon Hi. David, All matches are to my mothers side of family on Joyce web site, or E-Mail perhaps we can help each other, I have most of mine in Australia on a strate line back,,not much on branches out.
5 years ago
David John Gaul Happy to help - which names are you interested in?
5 years ago
Juney Gordon Sarah is my Grandmother, I have the line from Eliza Ann Bache & Donald McLachlan But none of the others, Plus a old birthday book going back to 1821, that was my mothers with names I can;t conect as it has gaps in it, eg. Hill, Edwards , Kerr along with others.It goes back to Janet Smith who m. Alexander Hargraves18445 Sydney on Moore line also goes out on Bache line ,Would it be possible to speak to you personaly or wite to you as there is a chance of inter marrages due to name changes in my family
5 years ago
Juney Gordon I have bache direct line, into Paul line, Joyces into Woodgate line, plus shipping records
5 years ago
Sandra Janice Kiernan Hi David I have Started the Family tree line back to Martha Shaw and Thomas Wells...I have got down to My husband John Charles Kiernans Great Grandparents .... Evelyn May Wells ( born Drury-Lena Hobe ) Fergerson ....Do you know where the name Fergerson comes into her first 3 Childrens last name as Fergerson...Colin Wells , Dorothy Jean Wright, and Pearl Rooke..
3 years ago
michelle bedot my name is michelle bedot my nan is may violet arkle
2 years ago
Juney Gordon their are conflicting BDM & Shipping records on John Woolnorth Joyce, By D. cert. B.1835 Eng.Occ Sawyer, arrived aged 15 yrs. , By m. cert.23-12-1864 @ Kelso ,He was 38yrs ,Elizabeth 18yrs Occ. Sawyer, Making him b. 1826, , only shipping record found John Joyce ,Nov. 1841 on Lascar Occ. Sawyer, Aged 15 yrs. ( making him b. 1826) B. Clare Ire. sailed from Cork , I am inclined to go by m. cert. If so we all have wrong birth date, Do you have any other details on him?
231 days ago
helen boyer 16 smart matches thank you great history to pass on helen boyer (shadforth) all information welcome
35 days ago
helen boyer Albert richardson my great grand father and mary nee toilett my great grand mother.
35 days ago