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Shirley M. Graham William Caldwell
  I am a decendent of William Caldwell born in Virginia, through his son Henry Caldwell, father of John A. who had a son named Menelius C. Caldwell b 1850 Montgomery County, Virginia.  Would love to trade information.   
7 years ago
Mylinda Bee Campbell Jonasson I am a decendant of Rachael Caldwell her fathers name is Joseph Caldwell 1744 -1790
7 years ago
Mylinda Bee Campbell Jonasson best of luck with the family tree
7 years ago
Patricia Patience Hi , I am Patricia Louise Cook ,Patience . I am a decendant of Mable Ann Coday , Steenrod, I would like to know how we both connect together with our family's .
6 years ago
Debra Ann Renaud (Ouellette (Renaud)) Hello I am Debbie Renaud/Ouellette/Pare and am looking for family members. Grandparents are Russel Pare and Irene Pare/ Larsh. Herbert Ouellette and Leona Ouellette/ Decarie
3 years ago
Victor Jones Hi, I'm looking for Margaret Russel's (married Issac West) parents.
2 years ago
C JOICE Hello, I am Cheryl Joice Schmidt, a descendant of Asa Simmons, Dighton, Bristol, MA. Asa Simmons/Lydia Hathaway-Charles Simmons/Barbara Williams- George Simmons/Susan Martel- Elmer Simmons/Anne Henwood- Francis Simmons/ Charles Joice. Looking for info on any of the above.
2 years ago
Robert Cova I am Roberto Cova, looking for parents of Francesco Gierardi (or Girardi) born in the area of Negrisia, Ponte del Piave (now Italy) in the period circa 1720- 1750. The person may have had a French birth and nationality and could have a French soldier?
one year ago
Johnlene Morris where I come from I have no earthly idea mom om never talk of who she was realted to but a few her fther was suppose to be Will h Hoffman also went by William Jackson Hoffman mother was Ether mae Richardson but nothing really matches and people on here want tell you anything even though I been trying to get answers since feb I know they are kinthe only other info I have is james barnhill and Elizabeth walston and I got hat through a will that's my mother never knew about do not know if that's a grandparent are actualy parent
108 days ago