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Claudia Fielder Newman, Oliver family
Hello, I have just started on this site, and you and I have many of the same relatives...does that make us cousins?  Anyway, would love to talk with you to compare notes, and see if we can help each other.  My Grandfather is James Gentry Newman, his Grandfather is Andrew J. Newman, whos parents are George Shaw Newman and Jamima Oliver Newman.  If you are interested in emailing me, you can reach me at Thanks so much, Claudia Fielder
8 years ago
Tracy Cresong Yost-Tibbetts
We some relatives in common. Aaron Eldredge is 5 generations back on my grandmother's side. Her name is Beatrice Emma Eldredge (Tibbetts) and her father was Stillwell Eldredge. Do those names sound familiar? Please contact me at Tracy Brant
8 years ago
Meredith Josephine Salget Hello! We have Samuel Knapp in common (b 1747). If you are interested in being a member of my site, please email me at

Meredith Salget
7 years ago
Cathy Uvanni Hi Steve!
I noticed on your website that you have a Lucy Ann Stephens. She is the sister of my GG Grandmother Sussanah 'Ellen' Stephens Dunbar.

Also, I was also wondering if you are related to Kathy Jean Robertson Riddle?

You can e-mail me at

7 years ago
Joseph Coulter Steve, You have information on my paternal gm Viola Emery Coulter . I would love to be able to get the information on her family but that generation is blocked. email me at

Thank you.
6 years ago
Timothy Cobb Hi Steve, would it be possible to be a member of your site. I have some common ancestery along the "Dunham" name in particular the spouse of Eunice Dunham, whom I am trying to confirm was Isaac Cobb. can you help..
Tim Cobb
6 years ago
Timothy Cobb PS.. my email address is
6 years ago
Steve Guiliani Hi Steve. You had sent me a possible match with Brian James Chartier. I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you but I was out of town for a while and not real good about getting to my dummy box all the time. You and I had a 98 % match with Brian. He is a cousin on my dads side.
4 years ago
HELYNN FRADY-SAYAN Helynn Taylor, Frady, Sayan. Hi, cousin, i am related to your Oliver family and others you have in your family. My email add: Would love to exchange notes with you.
one year ago