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Greg Weekes

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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Weekes, Hallam, Pfeifer, Moore, Lamb,
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Reece Jones A wonderful tree Greg - congratulations on all your hard work.

Thank you for inviting me to share and hope that you enjoy my modest effort and pictures, too

Kind regards,

5 years ago
Greg Weekes Thanks Reece - you are the first person to ever thank me.
5 years ago
Patricia Lawther Greg

Sorry I have just started working on my heritage and I have just seen that i rejected this match and when I looked back into my old Brother Tree list he dose match and I do not know how to change it

Thanks and sorry Patricia Lawther
5 years ago
Russell Maddock Hullo Greg, whereabouts do you connect with my family? I note that you have Hallam as an interest. My Robert Maddock married an Elizabeth Hallam in the 1700s in Nottingham. I have not seen your site yet so i can't comment yet. I take it we are connected through the Pitt line?
4 years ago
Emi Clayton Hi Greg, I see My Heritage has miss matched our Rogans's they matched the right family but the wrong son.That's the trouble with the same name Joseph being used. Regards Emi
4 years ago
David Brown Morning Greg,
sorry it took me so long to confirm smart matches. I am doing another branch of my tree using Genes Reunited, and I have been giving this most of my attention.
4 years ago
Meryl Callinan Thank you, Greg, for confirming the match with my great uncle George Duncombe. The work you have already done is amazing..... keep up the good work. I'm just starting out & loving it .
4 years ago
Vera Gwynneth Stephens (Nee Gibbison ) Hi Greg, i wonder if you are related to my uncle and aunt Russell Weekes annd Annie (Nan) Hartshorne of Hastings NZ
3 years ago
Margaret Anderson Hello Greg, My partner is Michael Paul Burrell, son of David Maurice Burrell. I am trying to piece together our family tree and I believe that may be of some help to us.
3 years ago
Maureen Gamble I think our connection is through my husband's half sister who is married to Richard Neale great grandson of John Henry Tilley hope this is right I am a novice to family tree building.
3 years ago
monica gray Thank you Greg, I am new to this game so I may need help with some of my relatives. I hope you can
3 years ago
Martin Stanfield Hi Greg, Deborah Denise is not quite correct.---Div. from(1) Arthur Sainty(Note spelling)(2) Fitzgerald(Div) she reverted name to Sainty--Born 02 Feb 1961 Wellington.(Siblings)Robert Thomas Stanfield,(B)09 July 1959 Dannevirke N.Z. Julie Anne Whitburn,(B)02 Aug 1959,Wellington N.Z. Dianne Maree (b). Stanfield 28Aug. 1962,Dannevirke N.Z. Craig Martin Stanfield (b)03 Feb 1966. Dannevirke N.Z.
2 years ago
Gregory Welsby I have just received advice that you have a John Henry Thomas Wylie in your family tree. Did he have have three children, Shirley Alison, Wendy and John? If so we may have a connection and I would appreciate sharing information with you.
Greg Welsby
2 years ago
Gregory Welsby Greg I just checked with Anne Elizabeth Hazhaz (Thomson) and she and her brothers and sister did not know that the brother of Wendy Jamieson (Wylie) and Shirley Thomson (Wylie) was named Ronald John Wylie as per your tree. Also the names of Wendy and Theo Jamieson's children are not a good match. They are Bruce, Peter, Bradley, Andrew in that order. Perhaps the matches that I recently confirmed are not correct.
Greg Welsby (Welsby Family Tree)
2 years ago
Jeanette Povey Hi Gregory, I have been confirming the smart matches on our tree and Garry Povey needs to be updated but I do not know how to do it. Every thing else is correct. Regards. Jeanette Povey.
one year ago
Greg Weekes thanks Jeanette I'm presently away so will check it out when I get home
one year ago
margaret skafte nee hourigan Hi greg in which branch of the hourigan tree are from as i am very intrested in any name you or any other names you can help me with thank you for any names you may help with
153 days ago