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Aneeta Serback Isaac Fridley is my great great grandfather my grandfather was Claudie Fridley and his Father was Joseph Fridley. can you tell me if we are family ?
7 years ago
N S Ferguson If your Isaac Fridley married Elizabeth "Betsy" Sellers, then we are family. However, my data does not include a Joseph Fridley as one of Isaac and Betsy's children. This could easily be a simple omission, so it would be nice to exchange more information to see. If you have more specific (birth date/ death date/ etc.) for your ancestors, it would be helpful to know those dates and locations to see if there is a match here. I did a little searching and believe that your Isaac Fridley may have been born 1 Mar 1818 in Ohio and his wife was named Sophia. Joseph L. Fridley (their son) was born in 1862 in Virginia, it seems. If this matches up with what you already know, then we are not related and our two Isaac Fridley's are actually different people. My Isaac Fridley was b. 1790 and d. 1869.
7 years ago
Hannah Allam Hi there. I saw that you have a Jack DeWitt Rutherford on your family tree, but I was only able to see that there is a match with mine. I do not have access to your tree to see whether there is a connection. I am asking because my grandfather was Jack DeWitt Rutherford, born Sept 22, 1920. Is that the same one? Thank you in advance.
7 years ago
Lisa Carol Sevier Limerick Man, I am showing you as a match to my Uncle Lloyd Dowell Sevier. I would be interested to know if we were related.
7 years ago
Catherine Osborne Neil,
Thanks for answering me. We weren't sure if we would find much since we were told that Art's father (Claire Hill) was adopted. Would you mind if we looked at your tree to see where we fit in?

Cathy Hill
6 years ago
Sandi Liston Neil,
I believe we are connected through the James L. Davis and Martha Prather Davis line. My great grandfather Elijah Washington Davis was another son of James and Martha. Do you have any further line up from James? I believe his father is also James. I would love to see your tree if you have this additional information.
4 years ago
anna ford There were a lot of names in my tree. how are we related
292 days ago