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Ralph Cook Hello Carol - My name is Ralph Cook. My Grandfather James Henry Thomas Cook married Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Breshears, the first born of Levi Ransom Breshears.
Lizzie and my Grandfather James moved to Alberta, Canada in 1918, and other members of the Breshears family came also. My grandfather had a sister already living here and came to get homestead land which they could have for a few dollars and alot of hard work.
I have the family bible that my grandmother brought from Missouri that has the marriage of Levi and Sarah E Thornton recorded in it.
I could send you some digitized photos of the information recorded in it, if you are interested. There are also tin type photos of Ihrig family and "Uncle Shepard" I thinking Thornton.
I also have a site on line here called the Cook Family Project which like all sites is the best I have been able to find for information, and I'm hoping is generally accurate.
I have been working on this information for about 3 years.
You can contact me at
Ralph Cook
6 years ago