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Liz Langley Hi all,

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Elizabeth Mary Langley nee Craigen-Westaway, my paternal grandma Maria Westaway Reffell, was married for 20 odd years to Alfred Refell, she had 5 children to Alfred, and my father to well, either Alfred or her first cousin John Westaway...

Nonetheless, I am the product of her youngest son, John Mark Westaway aka "Jack" and his wife.

Oh nearly forgot, I am sure you are pondering as to the Craigen name, well I was adopted age 19 and 10months , I was a foster child of Ailsa and Ken Craigen for 16 years...had a two and 1/2 year interval where I was sent to other foster carers in NSW. I am the elder of twins from a family consisting of 13 biological siblings...I was raised with my biological twin and another adopted brother who also resided with the Craigens. Ailsa and Ken are sadly deceased, Ailsa died 20 March 2000, and Ken January 12 1989.

I have two grown sons, Nathan b.1989 and Alex b.1991, I am happily married to my wonderful hubby Francis Eddie Langley...b. Sept. 1963 we were married in December 10 1988...we will mark our 25th this year...year 1/4 of a cool is that!!!

Kind regards to all,
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