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Deena432 Hi,

I wanted to let you know that Rachel Hagenbuch was not born in Henry Co Iowa. She is listed in the 1850 census Columbia Co PA age 1. Her first child was born in Iowa in 1869. I am not sure when she came to Iowa.

Deena Cross
7 years ago
Earle Peckham Thanx Earle
7 years ago
LadyBonita USA Earl:

I have a connection to Robert PECKHAM and his wife Charlotte Lavinia SHAW .. he was born 07 Nov 1789 in Petersham and died in New York City on 02 Feb 1825. He is the son of Robert PECKHAM and Mary FALES (1743-1807)

Any connection?

Bonita Hillmer
7 years ago
Earle Peckham That is right

7 years ago
Charles Arvin The info that I have on Fredrick Floyd Arvin and Vinnie Winona Peckumn is Correct I have found them in the census, I have been to their graves in Wichita, Ks. I also have the Memorial Records with me from Vinnie Winona Peckumn's death. The info that you have may be correct for what you have but it is not correct with what I have. If you go to and type in Fredrick Floyd Arvin you will find the correct history.
7 years ago
Harriett Peckham Hi Earle , my sisters are my full sisters not half. But I am curious , who are you related to ? Harriett Peckham
5 years ago
April Denice Dennis (Wilhite/Bake) Earl, I am working on two family trees that are not related but it seems they could be connected through with you. Can you tell me how my two families connect; John Gore Critcher family and the Learned/Mulligan family.
4 years ago
Patricia J Willey Where is the Willey you are related to now?
4 years ago
Lujza Gulyás Kedves Earle!
Alexander Obermayer /családban Dezsőnek hívták/ a Nagymamám első unokatestvére.Dédnagymamám, Kunkel Alojzia Obermayer Dezső édesanyjának, Kunkel Adélnek a testvére. A családi kapcsolatok a1930-as években szakadtak meg.Nagyon sokat kutattam mire ráakadtam Dezső bácsi családjára.Ha valakit érdekelne a családból, akkor sok szép történetet tudnék mesélni.Természetesen én is kiváncsi lennék pár dologra.Ha válaszolsz nagyon fogok örülni nei.Üdvözlettel: Nagyné Gulyás Lujza
3 years ago
Attila Károly Nagy Dear Earle Peckham! I'm the son of Lujza Gulyás from Hungary. We are the relatives of Alexander Dezső Obermayer. My great-grandmother was cousin of Dezső Obermajer. Could you allow us to look your family tree so we can indentify uncle Dezső posterities. You can find old photos (about 100 years old) about the family at my mum's website. A. Dezső Obermayer had lived in Csesznek, Hungary. My aunt live there now too, where aunt Dezs had lived for in his childhood at the beginning of 19th. It makes us happy if you like to be in contact with us. I wait for your answer. (my email: Gulyás website:

Your sincerely, Károly Attila Nagy
3 years ago
Lukas Roth Hello Earl
i sent a request to join your site to look up relatives of mine.
I'm related trough a grandmother of Lena Peckham-Ryder (1901-1992)
Her grandmother, mothers side was Rosina Reusser-Roth
she is a sister of my great great grandfather
Friedrich Roth

best regards from Switzerland

Lukas Roth
3 years ago
Hannah Lloyd Earle, I keep getting smart matches in quadruplicate linked to your site. Do you have four versions online?
Also, I have regularly rejected the match between Christopher Grant Perry and Christopher Raymond Perry.
They are brothers not the same guy. How about just having one site up? That would prevent the bots from multiplying their posts to Smart Matches.
3 years ago
Gerald Martin Tillinghast Jr im a 14th generation direct descendent of my 11x great grandfather Sir Robert Tillinghast
Direct ancestor (13 generations)
1540-1613 Sussex, England
Wife: (first name) Unknown, Maiden name - Plumer (Tillinghast)
Son: John
i sent contact information so we could chat
one year ago
Betty Flood Hi, I am the niece of John Thomas Wilson son of Olive Flora (Brown) Wilson. Do you know who the biological father of John Thomas Wilson was? Thanks. Betty
one year ago