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Jim Lawson James Delbert Lawson
A few days ago I received an email from Smart Matches telling me that there was a match to my James D. Lawson.  I don't recognize the McKinney name.  Can you tell me where it fits into this particular family tree?Jim
8 years ago
Letiticia Keenan hello
Hi my name is Letiticia Keenan. I recieved notice from smart matches that we have links in our family tree. I would like to know more of how we are related. I look forward talking with you.
7 years ago
WVHamrickgal Jack Merrill Hamrick was my father
Hi I had a smart match connect to your family.  My father is Jack Merrill Hamrick (You have it spelled Murrill) and the children (me) have wrong names.  I can't view your tree, (would love to) but I figure you have somehow mixed up our names with my cousins, My aunt Helen's (Gloria Helen) kids are Jeffers. You were close.  I am sure that your Jack Murrill Hamrick is my dad, as I have never found another one. lol
7 years ago
Susan Bridges Hamrick/Bridges connection
Hi!  I continue to receive smart matches to our family trees.  My brother, Joseph G. Bridges, and his family are on your tree.  What is the connection?  Thanks!  
7 years ago
Jon Rohrs Lyons Family
   I have not published my Tree yet but I am getting matches to your family tree with the Lyons family my grandmother was Ganelle Lyons would love to know the connection and might be able to provide some info for you as well
7 years ago
BETTY ANN BROOKS family tree
Mr. McKinney,On your website you have some of my aunts and uncles and grandparents of the Brooks. We are not sure where the McKinneys' fit in. Can you please help us out. Thank you Betty Ann
7 years ago
Judith Lanette Daniels Jones Hello Mr McKinney,
Can you tell me how my tree is related to yours through the Joy Hughes/Jacoby/Jacobi/Schempp names? Could I get access to your site? Thank you Judy
7 years ago
Unknown Weird! Alice Mary Chapman born 1877 died 1955 is my Grandmother from Footscray, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
How can you have the same name in your tree with identicle birth and death dates and no other details?
I have official Australian Government records to verify my information. Do you have any proof that your info on Mary Chapman is authentic????
7 years ago
tammy ort My name is Tammy Whitaker. On your family tree you have my great great grandmother which was Vernisha Goode. My uncle is still living his name is Randy Padgett. I am trying to get a family tree together to pass on to my kids and other family members I would love to get to see what you may have that I dont. Please feel free to email me. Cant wait to hear from you.
7 years ago
Ann Smith Hello..we have a lot of names in common.
Barcus, Wright, etc. contact me please and let me know how these link together? You have a lot on my family and I would like to visit your site. My father Clarence Elden Wright passed away Sept. 2, 2008 and I know he would be excited since he spent 20 years finding family links.
So far we have gone bsck to 1752 in France. Please contact me at Thank you.
PS..I remember the McKinney name from my childhood in Ohio, but I don't remember why.
7 years ago
Georgia Delarosa Hello long lost relative. I am your Aunt Dickie's daughter Georgia. I would like to gain access to your family tree so that I can update mine. I am looking for more information on our family history. Please contact me at Thank you Georgia Ann
7 years ago
Deborah j Neely Hi There iam looking for info on Hiram Garrison he is my ggg-grandfather i was wondering if you knew his parents?
7 years ago
Unknown You have my parents listed, but you data is not open to view. My parents are Paul William Henry Williams and Ida Maye Haines.
7 years ago
Migdalia Morales Your tree seems very expansive. I'm looking for the smartmatch to my husband's cousin Janet Marie Kagarice and her husband Vern Leom Kagarice. Can you please tell me how they fit in your tree?
6 years ago
Raquel Alamillo Mr. great grandmother is Cora Giddens Marquez...I am wondering if we could cross reference our sites since I would love to explore her side of the family. My documents on her leave us with many questions regarding lineage and birth place. Please feel free to contact me.
Thank you
Raquel Alamillo
5 years ago
DEBBY ANNE WILTON Hi I'm Debby from Wilton website, how are we related?
3 years ago
Hamrick I don't know if anyone knows that J R McKinney died 2011/2012. Reason I am posting is to see if someone else has taken over his trees?
2 years ago