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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Dumont, Huard, Dolbec, Bouchard
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Lise-Andrée Morin Bonjour, Nous avons une ancêtre commune en Agnès Morin, née en 1641, elle épousa Nicolas Gaudry à l'âge de treize ans. Puis elle épousa Ignace Bonhomme en 1671 à l'âge de 30 ans. Elle était la fille de Noêl Morin et de Veuve Hélène Des Portes dont le premier époux était Guillaume Hébert premier colon canadien dont l'histoire du Canada fait mention. Lise-Andrée Morin
7 years ago
Carol Manthe Prindle Hi,Your tree matches some of my names in my treee.Would love to share info and see if we are related...Carol Jean Helen Manthe Prindle
7 years ago
Alain Dumont Hi, Would love to share info with you and see if we are related.
7 years ago
Henry Nellett Hi Alain,
We have several matches in our tree. Would like to find out more info and see if we are related.
6 years ago
Alain Dumont Hi Henry Nellett,
Give somes hit on those matches and I find out for you. There is any Nellett in my data base but I found few Nolet.
It's a pleasure to read from you.
Alain Dumont (Alain145)
6 years ago
Paul Shenton Moi, aussi, je partage cette ancêtre commune, Agnès Morin.
5 years ago
Alain Dumont Ce sera toujours un plaisir d'échanger avec vous.
Généalogiquement votre.
Alain (
5 years ago
Henry Nellett Hi Alain, I was trying to find out how we are related, could it be through Samuel Dumont (abt 1620) my 8th great grandfather. his daughter Anne Julienne Dumont (abt 1646) afther that I have no more info, could you help me?
4 years ago
Jean Arlene White Hello Alain,
I am new to this site. I found it through Smart match. I believe we have a common tree through Thomas Touchette. I can't believe how much you look! This is all quite fun and interesting. Thank you for your hard work
4 years ago
Alain Dumont Your pleasure is mine. n't much information about TOUCHETTE Thomas, he married QUENTIN Marie, One child Marie.
If you have more details d'nt hesitate to contact me directly (
Truly yours. Alain
4 years ago