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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Kinney, Kiriluk, Wrede, Quartisch, Blonar, Maroney, Delaney
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Marilyn Whitley Jason, for the past 3 weeks I have been working on the Maroney side of this family. My partner & his brother, were born in Germany. Their parents divorced just after WWII. His mother married Edward Arthur Maroney, from New Haven, CT. Edward brought his new family to the US in 1948 and they settled in New Haven. There was info about their step-father's immediate family but nothing else. I have been doing a book to give to Ed's brother so for the past 3 weeks I have been researching "Maroney". I am almost certain that I ran across Michael & Bridget numerous times in my search. Also, Catherine & Mildred. Have you tried the genealogy section on this site? It will take you to numerous sites. Thru that & the 14 day free trial I found census records, immigration records & death certificates. If you haven't gone that route, try it. I ended up signing up to I am continuing to work on this. If I run across any of those names, I will let you know.
Good luck! Marilyn
6 years ago
Marilyn Whitley I understand. I sometimes have the same problem. Have you looked at the Ellis Island site? Since most of the Irish came over before 1900, you can look at those logs on that site as well. I have spent 2 years working on this stuff. It is fascinating. Do you live near New Haven? That seems to be a hot-bed of Irish immigration. I just remembered this. I know I found a Mildred Maroney. I was looking for 2 daughters of a James Joseph Maroney, Margaret & Mildred. I found 2 Mildred's, one was the daughter I was looking for.
6 years ago
Marilyn Whitley Curiosity got to me because I knew I'd seen the info. I just found it at (get the free trial). I found the entire family in the 1930 census, New Haven, Waterbury Dist. page 7. That will give you the ages of everyone & you can trace back from there. Marilyn
6 years ago
Marilyn Whitley Oh, I entered Michael Maroney in the search box and I found 2 married to a Bridget.
6 years ago
Marilyn Whitley I will check. If you'd like, I can email the other documents to you. What is your email?
Email me at
6 years ago
Bernie O'Neil What do you disagree with in the the Birch lineage. We have traced it back to Saxony in the vearly 800's
Bernire O'Neil
3 years ago
Bernie O'Neil see abvove comment. B. ONeil.
3 years ago
Bernard Hunt Can I be a member for the Wisbey lineagea
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