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Annette L. Tollis Hi Carole, What was Germany like? did you have a good time? Cheers, Annette
3 years ago
Carole DOWNIE absolutely fantastic. Germany is very pretty. The people are friendly. The food, wine and beer is fresh and plentiful. The trains run on time. Went to Forchtenberg. Met Frank & Sigrid. Took heaps of photos Will share them with you as soon as I get sorted. Enjoyed it so much that we are going again in 2014. But next time we will spend more time in Forchtenberg and around to find out more about the rels and the area. Only thing wrong is they drive on the wrong side of the road. We hired a car to go to see Frank. Lots of funny stories re: roundabouts and country roads that don't have a centre line.
3 years ago