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Charles Mitchell Osborne

Joined:April 29 2012 (4 years ago)
Genealogy surnames I am researching:Osborne, Lamb, Shackelford, Suddeth, Theobald, Bruce, Kreger, Cardwell, Gardner, Whinna, Harmer,
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Teresa Lamb Green Hey Charles, My name is Teresa Lamb and i believe that we share alot of family member.... Lamb, Suddeth, etc. I havent had alot of luck with the sudduth side, but the rest has gone pretty good. I would love to hear back from you and compair notes. is my email address. Look forward to hearing from you.
3 years ago
Geraldine Osborn My name is Geraldine Osborn. I am excited that we have a connection in Elijah Osborn. We must be related. I would like to know more about you. I live in a small town in Southern Utah called Blanding. I am 80 years old and can't really see well enough to do the geneology I would like to be able to do anymore. However, I am concerned about the list of Elijah's family members. Could there really be that many siblings? I don't have that many listed. Maybe I didn't read them right. I would love to hear from you concerning this.
2 years ago
Geraldine Osborn It's me again, Geraldine Osborn. I forgot to add my email address. It is Sorry
2 years ago
Roy Gardner Hi Charles. I see you are reseaching the Gardners as well. We may have a bit in common to further the cause. My GG Grandfather Wm Gardner emmigrated to Canada mid 1860s give or take. I am pretty sure he has cousins that went to theUS so we may be connected. I have put my DNA into the FTDNA data bank for Gardners and found a match to a John Gardiner in th UK but we still have not found the paper connection as yet. Just Curious about your connection. The "i" was dropped from our surname when they came to Canada.
one year ago