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Heather Best I don't know how we are related, but seem to share common relations. I am Wonna LANGLEY and Ann Maria KEAST's grand daughter.
3 years ago
Marie O'Toole Hi Heather, this program is great in bringing people together from all over the country. Our connection is through Edith (Alice) Langley who is a sister of Wonna. She married John O'Toole who was an older brother of my Grandfather Michael O'Toole. The O'Tooles all came from Parnaroo and I also spent my childhood days on the same property. I am not sure how John would have met Alice, but as the oldest of the family of 12 he spent a lot of his life working on other properties. Marie
3 years ago
Glenis Kay Taylor Hi Marie - thoroughly enjoy your site and am fascinated by recognizing and learning many of our Vic and SA names. Many times it is a case of going to our Post Code book to see if some of these places still exist.
2 years ago
Marie O'Toole Yes, and they did seem to go to some exotic sounding locations. Google earth sometimes finds them too.
2 years ago