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ELIAS DE LA CRUZ CROSS Hello Janice. Glad to meet you here. I lived in AUS for many yaers in my youth (Aussie Citizen). Hope to exchange a lot of info

3 years ago
Jan F Hi Elias I take it you no longer live in AUS. How are we related regards Jan
3 years ago
James Murray Janice,
Our tree originates in this line from a 'natural' son of sir James Murray of Cockpool, most porbably born before he married Janet Douglas.
Our James was recognised by his father, Sir J M of C in a deed of 1615, granted use of surname and a 'kindly' or free tenancy of two farms on Comlongon Estates for his lifetime. In fact the family stayed on them for 150 years until Comlongon Estates passed to Cockpuil cousins, the Viscount Stormont Murrays of Scone Palace.
Our natural branch was involved in further dealings with Douglas and Stormont families.
I have gathered knowledge of the Murrays of Cockpool (originally Cockpuill describing the usual pair of cormorants which take up residence at a pool where freshwater meets saltwater.

I would happily correspond further,

(Irving) James Murray
3 years ago
Robert Wayne Coulter Hi Janice, nice to meet you. I rechecked my line and think I found my problem. I have Agnes married to William DeFerrers. She was born in 1174 - 1247. I think my problem is that I have another Agnes born about 1070. Have to fix it.
3 years ago
Anne Goodrich I think that you might want to check his date of birth. It is an impossibility.
First name:
First name: Thomas
Last name:
Last name: Peck
Date of birth:
Circa 1236
Date of birth: 1082
Place of birth:
Belton, England
Place of birth:
Bolton, Yorkshire, England
Alive: No
Date of death:
Date of death: 1306
Place of death:
Belton, England
Place of death:
Bolton, Yorkshire, England

[Peche-Peck Arms]
2 years ago
Diana Doherty Hi Janice, I am sure we are a match but you have my surname spelt incorrectly and there seems to be know where I can correct this - n0t sure if you can. I was Doherty now McKnoulty (yours left out the K - surname is very unusually spelt).
one year ago
Kaylene cole Hi Janice,
I am Kaylene Cole (HALL) I was never married to Barry Grant and would prefer that my name is known as Cole (Hall) Thankyou
Kaylene Cole
246 days ago