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Beverley SCHELLEN Dear Rosemary,
I have looked at your family tree, and saw that Yvonne Nancy WILKINSON (b. 1950) was married to a Richard John VARDON (b.1949), and it is the VARDON family who are connected in my family tree. Is Yvonne a direct ancestor of yourself, please, and if so, have you yet discovered any of Richards's ancestors (parents, siblings, etc? I ask this because I noticed in your WILKINSON tree that you had a lot of other more recent VARDONs, but I cannot seem to find the connection between them and Ambrose VARDON, whom I did see, to Richard.
Hope to hear from you soon, please?
3 years ago
Rosemary Ann Wilkinson Hi Beverley. Yvonne Vardon is my husband's sister. Richard's parents were Frank Vardon & Dorothy Vardon (nee Pyers). There is no Ambrose Vardon in my tree, however there is an Amber Rose Vardon, who is Richard's grand-daughter.
There is also a Judy Vardon in my Stidiford tree; she was married to Gordon Stidiford. As far as we can tell she was not related to Richard Vardon.
Kind Regards,
3 years ago
Fay Berry I am really interested in your site, Descendants of Edmund Williams. Edmund Williams was the father of my grandfather, Richard Pryor Williams. Our family has absolutely no information about Richard Pryor Williams or Edmund Williams. Trouble is I am having trouble with MyHeritage not working properly on my computer so I can't sync and so do not have proper access and tools at my fingertips right now.
283 days ago
Rosemary Ann Wilkinson Did I send you an invitation to my site? I think I did but can't remember. If I didn't, let me know your email address & I will invite you. Also, are you a member of I have the family trees up there too. Once again, if I have your email address I can send you an invite. Actually, I don't think you have to be a member of that for you to see the info.
282 days ago
Fay Berry . I have looked at your family tree and my grandparents are definitely in there. Richard Pryor Williams and Alice Maud (Maud) Williams ( Dangerfield ). Thank youvnow I know my rellies back to 1700s!
282 days ago
Rosemary Ann Wilkinson I have sent you invites to both sites. Yes the records go back a long way - the earliest I have is John Williams born in 1717. I still have a lot more to add to the tree though.
282 days ago
Rosemary Ann Wilkinson Whoa - just discovered another ancestor dating back to 1691!
282 days ago