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Family History Tragic All associations and contacts welcome - I notice that I have a few cousins in Australia (and elsewhere) in matches on here. Would love to get in contact just out of interest to see what my relatives are like; happy to share what I have.
4 years ago
Family History Tragic INTERESTS
2. HICKS, Catherine
3. HICKS, Simeon and HICKS [HOAR], Catherine
4. HOAR, Phillip and HOAR [LASHBROOK], Ann
6. TITBALL, John and TITBALL [BASSETT], Elizabeth Ann
7. BASSETT, William and BASSETT [ABBOTT], Grace
4 years ago
Family History Tragic Interested in ANY CONNECTIONS I am happy to share what I have - and would be delighted to receive information and or photos, oral history etc which I do not have.
4 years ago
ARTHUR H. NICANDER What is your connection to our tree, I recognize none of the above names? Awaiting your reply. Arthur Howard Nicander
4 years ago
Family History Tragic Susanna A. TREMAIN (born Amy)
Moses Amy
Thanks Arthur could not work out how to contact you. Some suggestion from others that these lines go back to 'nobel/royal connections' but I am yet to find the evidence others claim.
4 years ago
Family History Tragic Arthur the names I have listed above I put up before my tree grew bigger than I thought it would.
4 years ago
ARTHUR H. NICANDER Sorry Ididm't get back to you sooner, but they changed this and I don't see if I have messages on the home page so now I just check them, I used to just check the home page and could tell . The connection is on my Mom's side of the family remember working with the Amy name. I have just been tracing the paternal lines and the maternal usually 1 or 2 generatioins. I am also working with my fathers line so its a combined tree and it does get confusing at times. I took a break away from it for a while and worked with my military website during that time and only checked home page every day somtimes every other day. I had contact with the Goodfellows in Scotland a while back which is on the Spencer side of the family. I'm tryig hard to see my site more often again, but have run into a dry spell with info.....Art
4 years ago
Family History Tragic ROYAL KING CONNECTION keeps coming up. It appears that the King connection claimed many years ago in our family tree is true. The oral family history claim was that a fourth grandfather came from royalty. My response was 'oh yeah sure'. This story was told to me several times; and i did not believe it. However, it is interesting to note that it keeps on connecting back to a King. Anyone who is interested in this should contact me for discussions on how to verify in a collaboration.
3 years ago