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Michael Turner Hi pam ,
I just come across another family tree we are related to this person name is Margaret Willis (born Whiffen) she related to the Goldsack which are related to Maidment. another is Darryl Wise who is also related to Goldsack. so add them to your site too.
lynda turner(born clark) maidment connection lol
4 years ago
Pam Maidment Great but how do I do it. I seem to make too many mistakes. How did U fine all this out please tell me sometimes I think I must be a bit thick for all the mistakes I make. Oh well take me as I am or not at all that's what I say. And as now we are family U have to take me for better or worse haha Pam
4 years ago
Michael Turner Just like you did email me and it went from there , but i did the emailing in the end . darryl comes in when you add mary ann (polly) Goldsack maidment he be in that crowd
4 years ago
Michael Turner you alos have a margaret Williams too who is also related throught the goldsack family tree, it comes in from polly goldsack married maidment .... i chat to her alot from england she going to spain by ferry next week for winter so dont need to deal with winter as england had it really cold.
4 years ago
Pam Maidment Hi couz can you remove the clark from my name in your tree so i can click on as a family member as i wont if that name stays sorry.
4 years ago
kathleen mackley all the 4 matches are true and correct,are they are the same people in my family tree
3 years ago
Brett Williams You are already a sitemember all info is published. If you have extra info would love to hear it.
3 years ago
Graham Brookes Welcome to my website Pam! I hope you find some helpful information. As you probably know, the Vidler clan was pretty numerous on arrival in Australia. I have all of the information that's been available to me up to date.
3 years ago
Pam Maidment Thank you I will enjoy looking on your site, and hopefully be able to add in a few blanks names on my tree. Keep in touch Cheers Pam
3 years ago
Christine Wastell Hi Pam, how do you fit into the Wastell family tree? Chris wastell
2 years ago
Dianne Morante Hi Pam. I have Robinson on my tree, you never gave me their full name, so i can find your families name on my tree. Regards Dianne.
2 years ago
Elizabeth Turnbull Hello Pam, Just looking through information you have re Lexie Turnbull (Love). Alonzo and Eva Love just had the 3 chn, Milton Alonzo, Madge Eva, and Lexie. Regards Elizabeth
2 years ago
june marie carter find jeanette jenkins mrs wright carter cousin, also jeffrey dunstall + robyn his sister. father died last year stanley dunstall, jeannettes parents marcia dunstall mrs w jenkins
one year ago
june marie carter related to drummonds taylors maidment, smith,moore ,mongomery , morrison, symons, dunstall, brown,clark dow, gardiner.
one year ago
Monica Wallace HI Pam, just reviewing your information for Wallace Family tree. Wound love to compare notes and add some extra information to my tree Monica Wallace
273 days ago
Pam Maidment Hi Monica my email address is I will love to compare notes too.
273 days ago
Monica Wallace Thanks for the family story you put together ... It was amazing xx
258 days ago
Beverly May Vasselin Bremness Hi Pam. Sent you an invite to join my sit some time ago. Also today tried to send you a message to ask to join your site. It wouldn't take the code to prevent spam so I couldn't send it, we have a lot of common relatives way back on my grandmothers side. Would love to share info. Thanks
Bev Vasselin Bremness
224 days ago
Pam Maidment Hi Beverly I will see what I can do to get you to be a member of my site. Great to hear from you If you can give me your grandmothers name I might be able to do it for you, fingers crossed ok
Cheers Pam
my email address is
223 days ago