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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Bodamer
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Betty Regarding your comment on Sussanna Ransome: Roger I believe you were smartmatched to a tree that I had for research only. I refused to pay for an extension on my site because of unethical practices by My Heritage and my access to this site is blocked so I can't be sure. Somehow they have accessed this private file and smart matched to it. They keep trying to get me to look at my smart matches as a way to rope me back into paying. I have made some changes today with the assistance of the less than knowledgeable Help Staff which I hope deletes all references to this and any other file I have here. Getting them totally deleted apparently will require an act of Congress. I will change this one too but wanted to respond. I take my work seriously and apologize that you were exposed to shoddy work that wasn't meant to be seen. The Plowdens intersect with one of my first cousins and I was trying to get info for them one night when they called me and asked some questions. I have not researched this line but it does double back into mine several times and eventually I will get around to it.

3 years ago
Roger Buttermore Hi Betty, thanks for responding. I am not really impressed either; a bait and switch re: FTNA as partners, sucked me in. Began the cancellation process the next day but was talked into an upgrade to medium status. Things have not gotten better. Nothing new here, features are lacking or clunky. Oh well, live and learn. (Change your cred. cd. # at least once a year!)

Susannah Ransom is (I think) my earliest direct ancestor, but have not documented anything about her save a land purchase in Craven Co. as Susannah Plowden.

3 years ago