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Carole Swartz Hello, you found my cousin Emile Belsack...we have DNA in common. I wish we could find out more about the Schwartz line. Carole Swartz - Arizona USA (my grandmother Ernestine dropped the "ch" out of Schwartz when she came to America)
4 years ago
Gaston Prommenschenkel Hello Carole, I hope you had a nice trip in India. I spended an entire day in Archives de l'Etat in Arlon, but I could find no ancestors to Jeannette Schwartz :-((
4 years ago
Roel Prommenschenckel Wow!
Gaston, Nice Site and what a work.

How are you?
I had a lot of trouble with my tree and i must admit that i also had not so much time to keep it maintained and updated and missed the “drive”to do it for a while.

I think we must match our trees one day finally, but i must figure out first how its done the easiest way.
The ged file you sent me is pretty outdated now I guess since I see a lot of new facts and family.
But still, I have planed to do a lot of updating regarding implementing you're family into my site this week.

Good luck
3 years ago
Gaston Prommenschenkel Hello Roel, Nice to have news from you!

Jean-Nicolas Prommenschenckel, Dorothea Agerbeek and Victorine van der Wiele are also in my family tree.

You may download ged from my site and integer it in yours and I integer your updated ged in my site. Most of my site is in french, I hope you understand the most. I'm not so good in english :-(

Best greetings to all the Netherland's Prommenschenckel family!

3 years ago