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john dunn-robilliard For the attention of Tara Williams/Robilliard.
Hello Tara. Responding to your previous enquiry about Charles Francis Robilliard. Sorry but I am somewhat amazed about the amount of information you have of my branch of Robilliards. (it is 100% correct by the way) The only way that I can assume your source is the family tree that was created by Patrick Robilliard, in Adelade South Australia. The UK info being supplied by myself during a trip to see him in 1983. I believe Patrick, and his wife Jean may have passed away by now, havent heard from them for a long time now.
A suggestion for you would be to check for the address and telephone number of Patricks son William (Bill) who lives in Adelade. He will probably still have many photos of Charles
and others of the family, as they resided close to each other in Adelade. There were only three sons from Charles in Australia, Patrick, David and Frank who died during world war 11. You made reference that your mother was Davids.siister ? I have not heard there being a sister other than Jennie born in the UK and died here.
I met David at Melbourne Airport. You are a long way from there. Please confirm we are talking about David who is/was the Medical Doctor ??

Sorry but I think you may be tracing a different Robilliard family. Or at least an earlier one who travelled directly from Guernsey to Australia. Afraid I have not heard or come across those names. Unless the Marie you refer to was the one who did Penance at the Forest Church, Guernsey, for having concieved an illegitament child.
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