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Michelle Cousson Hey Williams,
I am wondering if we might be distant dad was Robert Cousson, son of Hazel Cousson, daughter of Dr. Robert E and Mary Patton Giles from Mendenhall/Magee Mississippi. Making Robert Giles my Great Grandfather.
Do you know what Medical School Robert attended. I saw where you put Vandy for his brother???
Great to see your post.
4 years ago
William Carroll Hi Michelle: Yes, we are cousins. Dr. Robert Giles of Mendenhall was my great grandmother's brother. My great grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Giles Hardin. Do you have a copy of the Giles family album that was completed in the last 1970s? I recently shared a copy of it with Fenn Giles from Tampa. Do you know our cousin Fenn? I hope you will contact me. I am on faculty at the University of NC at Greensboro. My email address is and my address is 201 North Elm Street, Suite 902, Greensboro, NC 27401. By the way, you are listed in the Giles book on page 171 in the book. It does indicate that "Uncle Rob" graduated from Vanderbilt Medical School. All the best.
4 years ago
William Carroll Did you know your great aunt Emily Giles Mullins of Clinton, MS? I met her and her husband "Foots" while I was in college at Millsaps College.
4 years ago
William Carroll Hi Michelle: Just wondering if you received my post. I'd like to send a copy of the Giles book to you. All the best for a great holiday. Bill
4 years ago