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Mary Lowe connection
Are you related to Mae Dermott from Beeton.  I am a Mc cague from Beeton
7 years ago
Philip Dermott connection
There is a very high likely hood of it (at least through adoption).  My father (Frank) was adopted by Sam and Ethel Dermott of Mono Township, Ontario and I can recall attending many a Dermott reunion in Beeton when I was growing up.  My grandmother always said there were a lot of relatives in and around both Beeton and Alliston.  I do remember going with my grandparents to a Service's that lived on a farm very near the railway tracks in Beeton (the father and one of the son's had been killed when their vehicle was hit by a train) and also a Macdonald (sp) who was a Dermott I believe also from Beeton that visited during my father's funeral.
7 years ago