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Karl Johnson Hi my friend,
Do you have access to my site? If for some reason that you don't, then please ask through MyHeritage for it. It is the best way as I have lots of people, and also lots of files which were later added, which also list people which are not on the main Mendel site. My mother was Jean Vivian Hayhurst, whose mother was Edna May Rosar, whose father was Louis Warner Hayhurst. On Edna's side was Peter Francis Rosar and Mina Catherine Wiegenstein. On Louis's side was Wister Warner Hayhurst and I am still not sure about which Minnie became Hayhurst, but she probably was the one who married Wenzel Hipsch. Hipsch runs in the family and so does Pattee. However that would have been a previous marriage for Minnie Hayhurst. I put it at the moment to being Minnie L. Hayhurst as there was one with that name from birth who married Hayhurst at about the same time. Actually, there were three different Minnie's. One was right. The other two candidates were a Kickapoo Indian, and a Quaker. Which one I am still not absolutely sure of. My mother so confused that, and I really don't know for sure and would love the answer to who really married Wister or Wooster Warner Hayhurst and when and where? My name lists from the Match Service at MyHeritage is great, except that it does not have a merge button. So, I can't totally separate things down by name or number crunching. Petrie, Fillmore, Day, Long or Lange, and tons of names all apply and that is one of the problems. We must be one very popular family to get married into, but few people know of us.

5 years ago
Glenda Fillmore My Dad is Ivan F. 1929..married Lois Pyle (1928)..I have 3 sis and 1 bro.
other uncles are Leslie (1936 and Lionel 1938
5 years ago