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nancy griffin Hi John I beleive we are related. William Carpenter is my GG Grandfather. I would like to see where u go from there to see how closely related we are.
Nancy Griffin (Moore)
4 years ago
i do get carried away sometimes doing the research.William is related ? to me 10 steps.Working from William.-Catherine Shaw -- hus. John Medhurst -- son Edward William Medhurst -- dau. Maria Adeline -- hus. Patrick Joseph Dreis (pick one of the spellings) -- his father Andreas (Andrew) Dreis -- his bro. Heinrich (Henry) my G G / father -- his dau. Elizabeth -- her son Eric -- ME
Only just found that page that shows relationships.Hope this helps.I was tidying up information on Patrick / Maria Adeline
All the best
4 years ago
nancy griffin Hi John
I think by what u have said that we branch off at Edward Medhurst. I go with the son Edward and u go with the daughter Maria. We branch off there I think.
Cheers Nancy
4 years ago
Alexia Anderson Hi John My name is Alexia Anderson My g grandmother was Elizabeth Berryman who married Alexander Anderson there son Percy was my grandfather and his son Percival Royston George Anderson my father I am not sure how closely related we are but we are related. hope to hear from you cheers
4 years ago
I get carried away when researching and hate wasting information when I find it.The Relationsh page shows - ELIZABETH - brother JOSEPH Berryman - wife MARY ANN (Meredith) - mother SOPHIA HARRIET Beard (born LITTLE) - brother CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM (Barney) Little - his wife ALICE (Fleming) - her sister Catherine (my grandmother).Hope this helps.
If you haven't found it yet -google CEMINDEX NSW lists of headstones and their inscriptions I find it really helpful.
All the best.
4 years ago
Mary Dal Santo Hi John,
I am Mary and my great grandparents are Elizabeth and Conrad are you connected to them? I have their parentage but I am trying to track down the birth or home town of Elizabeth in Germany. All my leads so far seem to lead to ....????? Can you help?
My email:
4 years ago
marlian tibbett hi john my name is marlian tibbett my mother joan edna berryman her father thomas berryman and mother a elizabeth hutchin were never married i have heaps off history not on my site yet
4 years ago
Gail Wheatley Hi John
Re: Mallise Family Tree
I am the granddaughter of Charles Mallise and Hilda Maude Faint. Charles had a property at Gulf Greek between Bundarra, Bingara and Barraba. The name of the Property was Woodburn. He had six children. Edna Murial (my Mum) Married Leonard Charles Wilkinson. Vera married Harold Midson who lived and died in Windsor, NSW. Charles Mallise married Peggy Taylor, Barraba. Daisy Mallise Married Robert (Bob) Groth who had a property next door to Charles & Hilda. Property name Claremont. Kevin Mallise Married Marcia Coulton of Manilla. and Ida Maude Mallise married a Noel Kimber. They lived in Manilla and both Ida and Noel are burried there. All the Husbands of the daughters of Charles and Hilda are deceased. Hope this fills in some gaps for you. I also know all the names of the grandchildren of Charles and Hilda. Kevin Mallise went over to England and found that the name in the ships register from England was Mallows. It is believed that when on arrival in Australia the name changed due to illiteracy ended up as MALLISE.
I am not a paid up member of My Heritage and can be contacted by email:
I live in Hervey Bay Queensland. My mum is still alive and lives in Tamworth and she has a lot of family history which was done my Marion Lange.

Regards Gail Wheatley (new Wilkinson)
4 years ago
David Morgan Hi John,
Re Eli Endicott & Sarah nee Trenchard.
I believe their 1st child was Eli b & d in England prior to them emig to Australia on the "Hungerford" in March 1855.
Also I believe Mary Ann married a Mr Abbott as I found a ref, "Their daughter Mary Ann Abbott sold their property ------- etc."
David Morgan
PS That's me far left on the photo in the New Forest in 2012 with my family.
3 years ago
Jennifer Finch Hello John. I am the granddaughter of William John Graham and Sarah Janes PARSONS. I noticed that you have visited my website recently and I presume it is because of my Parsons ancestors. I have masses of information on them and have yet to enter them into my tree as I had started researching my mothers family as I had known so little about them. Please feel free to drop by any time. I will be adding my Parsons Family very soon. Kindest regards Jennie xx
one year ago
kevin mathuna There is stolen aboriginal family heritage amongst us all if your interested and know or wish to share together our heritage please email me at
Kind regards
254 days ago
yvonne franks Hello John. I am very curious to find out if you are related to the Williamsons that came out to Australia with the Websters. I have my family heritage on the site. Would love to hear if you in any way related to Helen Lindsay. She married into the Webster family, but her husband passed away and she re married into the Williamsons lot Hopefully I have given you enough information to be able to find out if we are in some way related
205 days ago