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maria curtis hi hope you are well, my name is Maria Curtis. my mum was Wendoline (wendolen) Curtis, her father was Ronald Curtis
4 years ago
CRAIG DUNHAM Hi Maria, My great-great grandmother was Charlotte Curtis. She married Stephen Large and they emigrated to Tasmania, Australia and she died on 2/5/1898 in Hobart. It's fascinating to discover how many people are connected. Karen Dunham
4 years ago
Reginald SHERLOCK Walt DISNEY would seem to have got it right It's a small world after all".
3 years ago
Goss Patrick CRAIG, Lola Margaret Agnes Grundy ( nee Ward or Goodluck) is not on any registry records in Hobart any information you have in respect to her birth would be greatly appreciated by both Myra (nee Grundy--her daughter) and I ; thanks in anticipation.
2 years ago
CRAIG DUNHAM Hi Patrick, I've just checked my two Ward resources and have changed Lola's maiden name to Goodluck as they both use that. This info comes from 1. The Ward Book by Margaret Brassington and 2. a family tree produced by Bryce Ward in 1999. Neither of these resources have any info relating to Lola's father. I guess you've looked at her marriage and death certificates for parents? Have you checked The Federation Index? If not I can look that up too when I go to the library. Karen Dunham
2 years ago
Irene Fitzgerald Hi Craig,

I have a feeling you know my Sister Liz van der Linde-Keep. Would be great if you could confirm. We would be distantly related via our Step Mothers Family.

one year ago
CRAIG DUNHAM Sorry Irene but Liz's name doesn't ring a bell.
one year ago
Naomi Connolly Hi there, My name is Naomi Connolly, nee Hoggins. We are related by my grandmother Edith Newton, nee Large. I think you have an unconfirmed info on me. can contact me on if you need more information.
38 days ago
Naomi Connolly Can you alter Kim Connolly as she was never married to Grant Buissinck - he is just the father of Neathan.
38 days ago
CRAIG DUNHAM Ok Naomi, thanks
37 days ago
Goss Patrick HI Craig I'm still alive and kicking reached the magical age of 80 on 17/03/2016 ( ST. PATRICK'S DAY)
33 days ago
CRAIG DUNHAM Congratulations, Patrick! Best wishes, Karen and Craig
33 days ago