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Mal Cockburn Hi Jenny, I found a lot of my information about the List family from
I was moved when I read of one of our relatives experiences in the 1890s floods (see ). My great-great-grandfather came to Australia on the "Fritz Reuter" ( see ), with his son arriving later on the "Dacca" (see ). Pleased to meet another cousin. Cheers, Mal.
4 years ago
Mal Cockburn Hi again Jenny, the victim of the 1890 Glastonbury floods, Cecelia Marie Hansen Coomber (nee List), would have been the sister of both your great -grandmother Annie/Anna Christina Lewis (nee List) and my great-grandfather Jacob Hansen List. Regards, Mal.
4 years ago
Jenny Lawlor Hello Mal, yes always good to meet another branch of the tree. One of the bits of info I have is on a tattered photocopy which is an extract from the Chronicle Feb 1879.
The Death of an immigrant. On Saturday last, an enquiry was held at Tiaro into the case of death of one Andreas Paulsen, a Dane who was found dead by the roadside, near Nolan's Camp, on Friday. From what we can gather, it appeared that the deceased and his brother aged, respectively 20 and 18 years of age arrived in Brisbane by the Fritz Reuter about 10 days before and that they came out to their uncle , Mr List, who lives on the Pialba Road. On arrival at the Brisbane depot, they applied to be sent on to Maryborough, but were refused, though they stated they had no money. The two poors lads then started to tramp overland from Brisbane to Maryborough without the means of purchasing either shelter or food. Ignorant of our language or country or cliimate, and with the dreadful heat of last week, the only wonder was that they got so near their journey's end. On Friday afternoon while passing through Tiaro he complained of violent headache. Two or three miles further on, the brothers went to a house to beg a bit of bread, and a kindhearted women, seeing their exhausted state made tea for them. The poor fellows then contiuned their journey, but after walking a mile or two, Andreas said he could go not further. He laid down, there was a short agony, he was dead! There is no doubt that the cause of death was the intense heat. We unerstand that Mr Bailey, who held the enquiry has forwarded to the Government a statement of the facts and has demanded an enquiry into this apparently cruel business,. Here were two new arrivals compelled by red tape to hardships directly they arrived in the colony, which few old hands could endure. The question is, had they not a right to demand that they should be on here, and why did the Brisbane Government agent refuse their request? We hope Mr Bailey;s advocacy of this case will prevent such an inhumane mode of dealing with immigrants being repeated. Feb 25 1879.
I read this with sadness, but wonder where or if Paulson comes into the family as it states they were visiting there uncle. Also this is the same date that Paul Hansen List and Anna Maria List (nee Sandholdt) arrived in Brisbane. So am not sure there is any real relationship unless another List family meember arrived earlier.
??? I will follow up the info you sent re the floods. Bye Jenny
4 years ago
Mal Cockburn Hi Jenny, I hadn't heard this story before. The only Andreas Paulson I can find in Queensland immigration records ( ) is a 20 year old who arrived in Brisbane on 15 February 1899 aboard the Duke of Devonshire, which left London on 23 December 1898 ( ).

Lots of Lists (no known relationship) arrived in Queensland in 1873 ( ), so the uncle may have been one of these.

Sorry, I have little information to go with your newspaper article. Regards, Mal.
4 years ago
Mal Cockburn Back again, Jenny! Andreas Christiansen Paulsen, son of Soren Paulsen and Elizabeth Petersen List, died in Queensland in 1879. The passengers arriving in Brisbane on the Fritz Reuter on 7 February 1879 include 23 year old Anders Christiansen and 17 year old Peter August Christiansen. Sources:

I don't know if this helps. Cheers, Mal.
4 years ago
Mal Cockburn Hi Jenny, Paul Hansen List's older brother Johan Petersen List came out to Maryborough in 1873 aboard the "Reichstag", so may be the uncle you referred to above. For more information, please see and

Cheers, Mal.
3 years ago
Martin Johnston Hi Jenny

My name is Martin Johnston I am the Grandson of Mary Ellen Johnston [nee Lawlor]. I have received several smart matches with my family tree and no doubt your tree will have several matches with that of my cousin Erin Lawlor. Good luck with your project.
3 years ago
M E Erin Lawlor Hello Jenny - these folk are crossed over - Erin
one year ago