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Immediate family

Ronald Martin Whitaker
louis J. spitz
<Private> spitz (born paulsen)
billy ray isaack jr. I know of an Orval Whitaker that lived in Fort Worth, Texas, back in 1940s. All That I can remeber is that he had Two Daughters, one was named Marrie Whitaker. If this can Help you I have some Pictures of him. brisaacks@yahoo.com
3 years ago
Janet whitaker I'm sorry. all those names do belong in my tree. but who they are is all wrong! i was born in Nebraska. as were my father's parents . my mother side came from denmark. The names above are my grandparents and great and great great etc so above is all wrong. yet right names but wrong places. I have 3 children but none of thier names are there. but my dad. grandpa and great grand father. are listed. maybe it;s acomputer mess.
let me know if you are a whitaker family researcher.
janet whitaker NOT born in FRANCE but in USA
3 years ago
Janet whitaker about Orvel Whitaker. sorry I have no records of my Whitaker line being in Texas. 1830 Elijah Whitaker was in Danville Ill. 1820 his father was in Dearborn co Ind.
that is the dead end of whitaker line.
2 years ago
Janet whitaker To My Danish cousins who wrote me some time ago see above. when I read you notes I thought No I am sure they are right. then I reread my tree. OHOH OH I see now I mixed up the grandfather is really grandma line
and hers is his. no wonder names are right but in wrong tree. Oddly I never noticed. thanks for showing that to me. I'd love to e mail you or call you.
Might you be from Aurora Nebraska? and you know
Martha Franklin? I have been searching this tree for about 40 years more or less. and I just met a lovely cousin ( and alive!) in Denmark. we share a great great grandma . She has invited me to Denmark and I'm planning to go about July. I'd love to chat with you and see what you can share and I can share with you.
call me at 303 493-1918
one year ago
Janet whitaker Your right. I was not born in France but in Nebraska
My Spitz line does go back to Hilshehiem France
Louis J. spitz was my father. Sam spitz my grandfather
Frank spitz G. grand pa Martin Spitz was born in France then about 2 or 3 generations in France.
but I have very little on the
Denmark side. my grandparents lived in
Crodova Nebraska I was born in Exeter Nebraska
one year ago
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