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Candy Van Loo

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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Van Loo
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Cadie Hockenbary Candy, I'd like to know why you'd like to join my site. Are you related to the family in any way and if you are; what is your connection? Thanks!
3 years ago
Candy Van Loo Dearest Cadie,
When your site comes up I find that you have my Father Homer Sheldon Jr. and my Mother Carol Enid Hardesty also my brother & sister and my grandparents on it. If wearee in fact related please tell me how. All my life I thought I had 1 brother Dennis Sheldon, we don't know anyone with a Sir name of Hockenbary, so you can imagine how surprised we were. Always great to find new family members, but how could my father be your father-in-law? Hope you have a wonderful Fall day. Kindest Regards Candy
PS: Homer Irvin Sheldon Sr. & Ida Beryl Staples Sheldon are mgrandparentstsDennisss R Sheldon my brother and Cathleen L Sheldon Helligso is my sister
3 years ago
Cadie Hockenbary Actually, I was incorrect. It's the Wellmans we are related through! I added you and I'm sorry that your dad is incorrectly listed as my father-in-law
3 years ago
Candy Van Loo Thank-you Cadie who are the Wellmans?
3 years ago
Redgy Ferier Could you give me the name of the person you wanted some information.???
3 years ago