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D Lee Hi Gary,
My Heritage sent me an email telling me you were related to my great grandmother would you mind telling me how please?
I have been looking in to her and her family for the last 18 months and haven't had a lot of luck so far.
Rachel Lee
4 years ago
Gary Strange Hi Rachel. What was your great grandmother's name? I'll have a look for her. Gary.
3 years ago
karen williams Hi Gary
my name is karen ellison[born williams] and my grandfather was walter john phillip and his mother was alice, and she goes right back to old henry martin, can you tell me your connection. I have the green book on the browns and lowe family and it has a family tree chart that starts with maurice gleed and sarah whiting, can you please confirm your connection for me.
3 years ago
Gary Strange Hello again Rachel. My wife Janet was a foster daughter to Lily Dora Mary Nieass (Brown), who was Maurice Gleed's and Sarah Gleed (Whiting)'s great-granddaughter. Anne Gleed Brown (martin) was Lily's mother Janet lived with Lily and her son George at the farm near Penong in South Australia and was with Lily when she died in 1961. One of Lily's sisters was Ellen Collard Lowe (Brown) who had a son Cyril Stanley John Lowe. Cyril was a personal friend of mine and he died at Ceduna in South Australia in 1987 when we were living there.
3 years ago
Gary Strange Karen: Sorry about calling you Rachel.
3 years ago
karen williams hi again gary,
just been looking into my green book and looking up lily dora, can you tell me if your wife janet has looked into her own tree at all. do you have much info on lily dora, or others in her side of the family i.e. pics.
3 years ago
karen williams hello
have you found out anything regarding Rachael Lee's great gmother's name
3 years ago
Gary Strange Janet's family is on my tree. Just search under Janet Strange. We have a photo of Lily somewhere but can't find it just now. We'll keep looking. Janet will type up what she remembers about Lily and her son George and we'll pass it on to you. Might take a week. Sorry, I don't know anything about Rachel Lee. Where does she fit in? What was her great grandmother's name? Perhaps I have her great grandmother on my tree without knowing it.
3 years ago
karen williams hi gary
just looking at all your pics, am curious about something, what is with all the royal pics, what is their connection. would you like any pics that I might have of the siblings of alice etc. my email address is
would you also like any info from my family book. I have a copy of mine as well as mums, if you would like it I could send it over to you.
3 years ago
Gary Strange On my Dad's mother's side she has some connections that go back to king Edward III. They say Edward had 52 grandkids and that if your family comes from England there's a 99% chance that you are one of his descendants. So it's no big deal. I pinched a few pictures from your tree. I would be especially interested in any pictures and stories about Alice, her siblings and their mother, or even further back - people that Lily would have known.
3 years ago
karen williams hi gary
I'll dig out the family book and copy some more pics to my site and you can pinch any that you would like.
3 years ago
karen williams HI
just loaded a stack of pics, you can help yourself, I have included one for your wife.
3 years ago
Gary Strange What an awesome collection. Thanks. So far I haven't been able to copy most of them because of the scanned format. I'll have to wait until you've got the photos tagged to each individual on your tree. But Janet was rapt to see Mrs Nieass (Lily) as a young woman. And she's never seen her husband George before. Thanks again.
3 years ago
Gary Strange I've copied nearly all of the rellies onto my tree from the family tree photo that you supplied. What's the name of the book on the Browns? How can I get it?
3 years ago
karen williams hi gary
glad to be of help, the ones I put up the other day are half of what's in the book, I will get round to finishing them of in a few days. te book is called "the chronicles of john brown and john lowe. it was compiled by andy and dulcie brown several years ago. leave it with me and I will see what I can do to get you a copy.
I am doing my husbands Davids tree as well and when I look at the book that is about his family the Mcgrory's of queensland with hundreds of pics and then I look at out little green one I feel really sad that there are next to no pics, nut hey that is the way that they did it. by the by the other day I was talking to my mum and she mentioned something about a letter and pic from your wife that she got some time ago. the lock and gardner site on here has a huge amount of info on the family, might be worth a look see.
well it is almost 39c here and I have to fiind somewhere cool, so I will catch you later
3 years ago
karen williams hi gary
just aquick note to let you know that the green book would be next to impossible to get now after nearly 30 years, but what I can do is take my copy to the library and copy it for you the send it over to you in WA if that is what you would like, let me know your thoughts
3 years ago
Gary Strange Thanks, Karen, but I see from the National Library of Australia site that I can try to get a copy from a Mr A.V. Brown, 88 Arthur Street, Magill, S.A. 5072. I'll try that first to save you the trouble.
3 years ago
karen williams hi gary
thanks for the info, they say that you learn something new every day, eh. that would be andy brown
3 years ago
karen williams hi
just checked up on my listings and AV Brown is now at 122 St Bernards Road Magill 08-81651538
3 years ago
Gary Strange Excellent information, thank you. I just rang Andy and he gave me the number of his sister Tress (full name Ada Theresa Grace Brown), 83332970. She said there were two books, one being the original and the other a supplement. Her daughter's coming to WA next week, so she's going to send me the two books. Thanks for the lead.
3 years ago
Judith Stock hi my great gren mother is Sarah Ann Arnold she Marred William Offen
302 days ago