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tammy erter

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Lewis F. Steele Hi Tammy, I sent you a reply on your quarry on If after you read it, you do have family ties to my Webers' could you share the information. Could you send me an email saying you have ties with me or you do not have ties with me. Hope to hear from you. My email address is ----

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Lew Steele
5 years ago
tammy erter Hi Lewis, I have a Catherine (in the books Weber) Weaver born in 1789 that married a John Erter 1776. I do not have my paperwork with me but I do recall two Steeles in the family. One I think was 1700s and the other late 1800s. I will get back to you when I reach my paperwork in full detail. How far back have you gone. I'm stuck on 1740,1766 and 1776 some. "Jane Steele I think" --- I am also a "Ater", "Cowan", "Welty", "Neese"
5 years ago
tammy erter Hi Lewis, William Steele married a Sarah Erter. He died Dec 22, 1849. Sarah was John Erter's daughter brother to Henry Erter (mine). Henry died in 1807.
My Great, great grandmother was Laura Jane Cowan married a Frank Erter in 1890. She was born Nov 1859/Oct 10, 1942. Her mother and father was Hugh Cowan (b - Mar 27, 1824)& Armintha (M - 1/27/1858). Hugh Cowan's parents are David Cowan and Jane Steele (m - May 12, 1807 Bourbon, Ky) and they had 10 kids altogether.
I hope this might help, happy hunting!
5 years ago