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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Howie, Stargatt [Stargratt], Gauhl, Fitzsimmons, Coxon, Jones, Woolley

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Alex BIRCHLEY I do belive I have also distant relatives of my own name over in Austaralia. According to one of my Aunts one or a couple of my Grandfather;s brothers emigrated to Australia in the early part of the 20th century. William Birchley b 1895 and/or Walter James Birchley b. 1897. One or both as I say I think emigrated between the wars. Have not done any work trying to trace them as yet. Would appreciate any guidance as to how to obtain info on them though.
5 years ago
Karelyn Jones Hi Alex, Do you know what state they lived in, when or where they died. and we might be able pool our sources.
5 years ago
Alex BIRCHLEY Queensland I think - Walter James Birchley (b1897-?)and/or William Birchley (b1895-?)...
5 years ago
Alex BIRCHLEY Thanks for the correction on your father's birth date. Much obliged. I think I was following soemone else's data.
4 years ago
Karelyn Jones Thats quite ok. Things can change, somas it's just a typographical error. One that I have been looking at is the difference between Jocabine/jocaline.

Know I don't now if I have spelt it correctly or not

4 years ago
Alex BIRCHLEY My site says we have three smart matches, but when I click on the link to them thay do not appear on my screen and there appears to be no way I can access whom they are. Could you check from your end please.
4 years ago
Karelyn Jones Hello Alex,
I am not which matches they are but see if this helps as I have neither confirmed or rejected.
Arthur William Birchley, I have a DOB as May 5 1892 You have Dec 12 1895. Is it possible that they were brothers. Te earlier date being that of a deceased child then another birth., so as to carry on the name the second son was then named Arthur? The next to you rejected. the first one I have exactly the same details i.e. William Jams Birchley DOB Jan 1 1847 Death 1914. The third one is that of John Gwynne my DOB 1814 your DOB 1820.
However there were 2 John Gwynne's. The father & the son aged 12 both died in the same year.

I hope this helps

4 years ago