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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Joyce Moore Bache Paul Kendall Hargraves Smith
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Juney Gordon I am special looking for close families of the Bache families decents of John Henry & Emma Paul ,to contact persnoal ,As chance of intere marrage ,Due to Superseed Birth cert. My mother is also my adopted Mother , So my part of line hard to trace, Without copys of these Certs. Also entails half brothers & sisters on Moore line,
5 years ago
Juney Gordon My site =Joyce Web Site -My for contact , I am Looking for dec. of Bache families & Dec. of Thomas Moore & Hannah Hughes Married !874 , my Direct lines. not Traceable without these documents.
5 years ago
Juney Gordon Superseeded Birth Cert. can't be obtained without direct line, took me over 30yrs to get my own, all parnets must be dec. before B.D.M. will release & must be able to prouduce prof of close conection., This can cause inter Marrages.
5 years ago
Juney Gordon my g-great grandmother's brother Nicholas Paul & Wife Harriet May , Went to Millard , Utah ,USA. Both died there & Children born same area,One of My Grandmother's sisters married a Wilson in NSW.
5 years ago
Gerald E. Presley I feel sorry for you having the l. d. s. in your family history. Nicholas Paul is my 3rd great grand father. I do not want to have any thing to due with this site. You may contact me ay if you wish Jerry Presley
4 years ago
Juney Gordon Sorry you Feel that way, We can't change the past , but we can help protect our Decents by telling the truth, as we have family in USA,
3 years ago
Juney Gordon No need to feel sorry for me, I have had a good life, it's just the mix-up, & if I do not reveal it , then it will only cause problems latter on ,& no one will know where to look for info.
3 years ago
Phillip Hill Juney

You will notice I have confirmed most entries of yours and my trees but entries that show Catherine Mary Hill (born Reed) as being married to LAKE are incorrect. My mother was firstly married to Roy Halliday and then to my father Albert Edward Hill (1888-1966). My twin sister was Stella and my other sister Paula died at birth also. Albert Edward Hill was also their father.

Regards...Phil Hill
348 days ago
Juney Gordon I do not know much about the Hill side of family's , My mother had told us that we had cousins ,the Hill family from Hill End , plus a old family birthday book which dates back to 1821 of my mother's,was kept going by the Hill family from 1860's to 1870's,some of the names James Hill b. 1865; Margaret B.1867. Lezzie 1877, Harriet 1873,Agnes1873, Ada May 1879, Alfred 1870
some of the other surnames in book are Hodgetts 1827 ,Bache 1840-1900 ,,Kerr 1873-1916, Cumming, Kelly 1867, Harris, Edwards1861,Agnes Conn 1827 + her children, This book has many hand writing in it over the years , including me & my siblings, I do not know how they fit together, the only other info I have on Hill families was given by other sites.
341 days ago
Garry Powell Oh! My site:

powell was already used but this points more clearly to the Hunter Valley family.
250 days ago
Garry Powell Well; maybe the last bit didn't stick.

I refer you to: The Kidd Family in Australia 1829 - 2000
Researched by: Esme Meehan and Lois Brown
ISBN: 0646402633
I hold copy 135.

This disputes the DOB of Mary E Kidd as 24 Dec 1886.
250 days ago