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Jennifer Aditha Banfield (Sickinger) John, there is a great deal of information we can share. I would be happy for you to introduce new FAMILY members to this site. You have invited a NRMackie, but for some reason have attached to my sisters profile. I take great pride in this site and everything is 100% correct. If you wish to invite someone whose name is not on the list of family members. Please advise me and I will add them correctly.
5 years ago
Christopher Andrew Gill hi john I sent a PDF Pic but it would not go to The My Heritage site if you send me another Address I will try that one
5 years ago
Unknown Hi John
It's the pest. I was wondering if you knew how one goes about stopping e-mails from MyHeritage. I am leaving on holiday next week for a month and I shudder to think how many e-mails will be box when I get back.

4 years ago
Meg Goodman Hi John, about Rebecca Ann Downey I do believe she is the same Rebecca Ann Downie sometimes spelt Downey. I remember my Great Grand Mother saying we had Gills in the family.
3 years ago
Ronald Nathan Hello John:
It appears we have 4 matches in family members. Phillip, Charlotte, Jolyon and Lara. I have met all four - Phillip in England (a cousin), his divorced wife Charlotte and their two children (Jolyon and Lara) in Barbados and know for a fact they are "Nathan" not "Natham." Perhaps you have added them to the wrong family tree?
Respectfully, Ron A. Nathan
3 years ago
John Gill Hi Ron, Thank you for contacting me with the proper names for this family. I have 2 sites on MyHeritage and the one which contains the Nathans was not researched by me, except for a few additions that I have been able to make since I first published it. Basically, this is an information database compiled by several different researchers and assembled by another relative of mine. I heard that he had this information and asked if he would share it with me. After he sent the database, I published it on MyHeritage in the hopes that it would, through "smart matches", lead me to other families that I might be related to. There are many names in the database (more than 68,000) and I am not related to all of them. According to the relationship checker, I am related to Charlotte by 17 steps. I will have to check this later and follow the chain which leads to me. I know that there are some errors, duplications and gaps in the database and I will try to correct some of these. In some cases, it would appear that 2 different researchers, working on different branches of families, failed to make the connecting links. I have made the name change correction and republished the database. Take care and have a great week, John.
3 years ago
Unknown Hi John, I was wondering if your related to the Jäckel's and Gill's of Leader Saskatchewan? Hilbert and Mary?
2 years ago
Mary Rasmussen Hi John,
I see you have me on your family tree. I was married the Charles Michael Collins. So how are you related to Charles and his father, Charles Robert Collins?
one year ago