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Aharon Segev Thank you.
I've corrected the picture name
Best regards
4 years ago
4 years ago
Sharon Wasserman I don't think Allan Dunn should be on your tree. He is my brotherinlaw and we are related to you through my husband do Allan Dunn and my sister are not related to you at all. can you take them off. Thanks
2 years ago
Toni Ziv As we have your parents on the tree as well,from the very beginnig,it is only right that your siister (their daughter)and her immediate family should be represented. Many of the people here are related to me only by marriage,but that`s what makes a FAMILY tree,interesting. Siblings,in laws etc If I remove your sister,I then have to remove Jodie and so on. Let me know what you think. If this offends you,we can remove their photos and leave their names,but it would be a pity,for future generations,not to know about them. Regards Toni
2 years ago
Hilton Teper Toni. Hilton Teper here.
Can be contacted at
Reside in UK; currently in Cape Town.
156 days ago