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Sarah Mychael Hi Alex, do you mind if i ask where in the mychael family clan you branch from?
5 years ago
Alex Murray Hi Sarah

My wife Kelly is a great-granddaughter of William Kelly, sister of Marie/Maria Matilda Michael [Kelly], who married Josiah Michael. That is, Josiah was the brother-in-law of a grandfather of my mother-in-law. Josiah is a son of James and Mary Michael. Josiah is a great-grandson of John and Elizabeth Michael in your family tree. So our family trees overlap in an admittedly convoluted way. There might well be a more direct relationship. As yet, I don't know the connection to the Mychaels. I'm on a path of discovery.


5 years ago
Unknown How did you get John Closter from my site as it is a ,,Private
site also where does Uncle fit lnto you tree. I thought you had to ask permission before down loading photo's
5 years ago
Alex Murray Hi Mavis identified John Closter as a "smart match" from five family trees including yours. I didn't intentionally download photos, it comes automatically when I compare a smart match and "merge" the family tree.

This is how I think John Closter fits into my family tree. Rebecca Thirza Ellis (born Wittick) was my father-in-law's great-grandmother. Her brother William Thomas Wittick had a son by the same name. William Thomas Wittick (junior) had a daughter Evelyn Laura Wittick, who married John Hore Closter.

I notice you have rejected the match. Where have I got the connection wrong?

If there is information you'd rather I not use, please let me know and I will remove it from my family tree.


5 years ago
Unknown My site is supposed to be PRIVATE SO HOW COULDYOU GET PHOTOS OF THE TURNER FAMILY WHEN THERE IS LITTLE OR NO CONNECTION TO US.I get hurt when i see photos of my familyso hence the private site
Regards Mavis.
5 years ago
Alex Murray Hi Mavis
Hi Mavis
I will remove the photos next time I update my tree.
Please accept my apologies for inadvertently copying your photos.

5 years ago
Christine Wheeler hello Alex, I have given permission for you to join my family tree but I would like to know where abouts in it you come into it.
Thanks Christine
4 years ago
Peter Gangell Hi Alex - Like Christine I was wondering where you fit into my history? HAve no problem giving you access.
4 years ago
Sharon Renfrey Hi Alex, Welcome to my site - it there is anything you find you would like - {unlike some people] you are most welcome to any info, photos etc..that may help you in building your tree..Nice to find another distant relative! By sharing we grow!!!
have a great day & enjoy the site
kind regards
sharon XX
3 years ago
Cheryl Lunnon Hi Alex, I have done some looking into my tree and see that Charles Ragg is my great grandfather. Sarah Smith (nee Ragg) is his sister. So I guess we are cousins and connected on the Smith side. Cheryl
2 years ago
Michael Baffsky Hi Alex. I live in Sydney. Was wondering how you are connected to (Michael) Sharp and that line?

( - please use this.
2 years ago
paul mcweeny hi if it is ok with you I would like to add you to my tree .can you tell me exactly how you connect please as I have a lot of smart matches that match exactly but im not sure where you connect
one year ago
Alex Murray Hi Paul. My father-in-law is Alice Ethel Ellis's grandson. The connection in our family trees is Ellis - Tidd - Ludlow - Underhill. How do you fit in, Paul? Regards, Alex.
one year ago