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sycondia gammon Hello, I am Sycondia Gammon and I live in Rome, Ga. My father's name was Willie Cooper Gammon. I am trying to find out more about my heritage so I am new at this. Can u help me?
5 years ago
cammymb Bethea To William Gammon. Oh my, you must be a veteran at this. I just started a couple of months ago spurred on by a trip to Ireland in May.
I'm on My Heritage and I started not putting in siblins, 'cause the tree got too big. Then I found if I added siblings I could get more info.
So thank you for the info. I'm concentrating on my Irish roots until this summer
Cam McGregor Bethea
5 years ago
William Gammon Actually I'm not a veteran. I started putting the stuff my dad and his sister collected back in December. I'm retired, so I spent quite a few hours a day doing so, and got up to speed rather quickly when I got burned by the information other people have in their trees. I'm on both MyHeritage and You have to be very careful with because it doesn't behave the way you expect it to behave. I've had 1880 census citations show up for people born in 1920, immigration documents for the 1600 show up for people born in 1980, hints for a female ancestor brings up only male ancestors. You have to be very careful. I'm a retired computer programmer, so I think I know how the programming works. When it's doing it's people matching for hints, it matches the dates first, then the names. I have a number of sets of twins in my tree, and half the time you can get hints on only one twin. It apparently assumes that names can be different and misspelled whereas a date is likely to be more accurate. And in other trees, I've learned to look carefully at the dates. I've found children born 20 years before their parents, and children born long after the parents were dead. I'm a bit of a cynic, but if the dates in a tree are messed up, unless I have some documentation of my own that tells me the dates are correct, I don't take information from that tree or member because they're either careless or don't know what they're doing.
5 years ago
mom jones greetings we are doing the same thing only I am trying to put together what my mother and her mother had started my grandmother was really into finding family memebers she always said our past is what forges our llives. I am also on and i agree with you sometimes it is very confusing I am researhing the Kester branch of our tree my great grand mother was Emma Dean Armantrout born May 1859 and died in 1934 she married Morris Reese Kester any connection? I have found in her Bible that the spelling was both ways Armantrout and Ermentrout don't know why it was spelled different. I really regret that i didn't get interested in this earlier when they were still here to ask but like you I am now retire and can spend the time doing it Any help? thank you in advance and have a great Thanksgiving
4 years ago