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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Connell, Armstrong, Robertson, Lipsett, Condrick
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Robyn Henry hello . My great grand father was William Henry son of Robert and Francis , Cheers Robyn Wiltshire nee Henry
5 years ago
Ken Witchard Hello Bernard
I have a question for you did William Edward Gill marry 3 or 4 times.?? Just looking at your page on you have listed 4 wives, or is one name doubled up???
I can see Rosena Ellen Shoesmith, Susannah Lawrence, Susannah Ost ???, and Margaret Lee.??
Can you shed some light on these, please send any info direct to my email
Many thanks..................Ken Witchard
5 years ago
John Wharton Hi Bernard
You have in the Gallagher-Eckford part of your tree my Grandmother Ursula Margaret Gallagher as marrying Ernest McKellar it is Ernest McKellar Black -Black being the surname. Also could you tell me who the Peter Eckford is?? Many thanks Elizabeth Wharton
5 years ago
Karelyn Jones Hi Bernard,
If and I think we are working on some of the same family members, you will need to make some corrections. Caroline Susan Stargatt nee Coxon was the daughter of Annie and the granddaughter of Margaret.
4 years ago
James Power Whaat is your link with the mayo family of Grose Vale Kurrajong? I have been asked to confirm a mataach with John Maly in your tree. My uncle Jack Power was married to Florence Gertrude Mayo daughter of William Henry.
Regards Jim Power.
4 years ago
Kathryn Mary O'Donnell Hi Bernard
I hope you may be able to help me. My husband's grandfather was Sydney John Baker (known as Jack possibly). He arrived in NZ about 1903 from Aussie and married Violet Myrtle Adamson on 19 April 1911 in Thames, NZ. They had 3 girls and he died on 3 December 1918 in the flu epidemic here in NZ. What we don't know is where he was born. On his marriage cert he claims William Jury Baker and Mary Ann Baker (nee Payne) was his parents but all my info on them does not show him as a child of theirs. He also claims that he has born in Clairent, Queensland, Aussie but William and Mary Ann Baker were in NSW. A family story goes like this: he was an Irish orphan sent out to a relative (uncle) which would mean that he was born in Ireland or UK perhaps. I am assuming that William and Mary Ann must have bought him up for him to claim them as parents. Why he thought he was born in Queensland I don't know and can find no birth record around 1879. He lived in NZ for about 15 years up to his death therefore came over here at about age 24. My mother-in-law was only born the year he died and she searched for clues when she was alive but found nothing. I am writing in the hope that someone down the line of William and Mary Ann Baker may have a family story that has been passed down as to how and where Sydney John Baker fits into the story of their life and where he came from and who might have been his parents and what happened to them? A big ask this far down the track but here's hoping.
Cheers Kathy Cardno
4 years ago
Clyde P. Smith G'day, Cousin! I am a Lee through my Grandmother, Eliza Primrose Lee. My mother is Thelma Perrett. Keep up the good work. Clyde P Smith
4 years ago
Laraine Dillon Hi I have Connell in my mothers line they came from Bandon County Cork
3 years ago
Friedel Zimmermann Habe keine Verbindung festgestellt.
3 years ago
Karen Kirkman Hi Bernard, I am seeking further information on Frederick Edward c Riethmuller. He travelled to capetown around 1917 met my great g grandmother had the twins Lionel and grace and returned to Australia. He also left australia in 1927 believed to be in California . Do you have any further information ?
2 years ago
Bernard Connell Hello Karen
I forwarded your message to John Rudder who is closerly related to the Riethmuller family and add his response: Dear Bernie,
I am interested because I only have the original Riethmuller data prepared by a Reithmuller legal person who prepared for some congregation of Riethmuller gathering of clans in Toowoomba. His data shows that Lionel and Grace were both born in 1917. I have no marriage date for Frederick Edward and his wife Martha Johanna Broodryk. This may or may not confirm that they were married outside Australia. Fred died in 1931 according to my source. If this is true then he did not spend much time in California.
2 years ago
Kaylene Klein Hi Bernard, could you please tell me how you fit in with the Daniels family tree. My father was William Sydney Arthur Daniels and his father was Sydney Valentine Cameron Daniels. You can contact me on
2 years ago
Pamela Bate Hello Bernard,
Just checking the smart matches and noticed you had Stephen Tuckerman b.1859-1874 15yrs old with a wife and daughter...just checking.
Kindest Regards
2 years ago
Jeff PITT Hi Bernard - sorry I have had to UNConfirm a match on Hannah AVERY as deeper research has shown her parents are NOT John AVERY and Hannah BOON. My direct email is if you would like me to send you my up-to-date info.....cheers, Jeff
2 years ago
Elizabeth Montgomery hello Bernard you have my husbands grandmother Louisa Turner in your family tree could you rell me how you are related regards Elizabeth Montgomery
2 years ago
Bernard Connell Hello Elizabeth
As with anything in family history, it is not a simple thing to answer that. The program says it is 19 steps. I can tell you that it is through the humphries/gosper/huxley families but I don't have the time to trace it all the way for you
regards Bernie
2 years ago
xxxxxxxxxxxx Hi Bernard, Check out Adam HAY on my tree. There is a problem with his DOB you have 1850, but I have evidence it was 1837. He was the son on James Hay and Jean Craig, my 2x great grandparents. I will attach pictures of the documents I have.

PS Happy New Year!

I have copies of two Parish register entries for Adam Hay. Both were taken from films of the Family History Library. The oldest was OPR for Abbey Paisley 1738-1922 film# FHL 889473.
I believe the second film shows transcribed pages from the older original registers, OPR for Abbey Paisley 1676-1855 film# FHL 1041090.
The older register shows a birth date of, 3 Jun 1837 and registration date of, 8 Jun 1850.

The second film shows, Reg page heading is 1850 - June - (pg) 440
The second entry is for Adam HAY, S.L. of James HAY and Jean Craig, (born) 3 - (Reg) 8 June

According to his death Reg. Adam died one month before his 25th birthday on 05 May 1863 which would make his birth about 1838, no where near a birth of 1850. The cause of death was from an old injury he received on his job seven years earlier (about 1856).
On the 1851 census he is age 12 (Not one.), working as a piecer in a cotton mill. On the 1861 census he is 22 and is listed as "unable to do anything".
JPH 24-01-15
one year ago