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Paul Joseph Walton I am strong in my beliefs about where my country is going and I don't need FOX, NBC, MSNBC, or CNN to tell me thier version. Given enough information from both sides of an argument. I am able to draw my own conclusions and not jump on any particular "Band Wagon" as many people do because they may be too stupid to form thier own beliefs so they get nasty and rude. If I am shown by facts that I am wrong, I have in the past and will in future, admit the wrong. I don't blame anyone for my own decisions. The only one I take at FACE VALUE is Jesus' Word If he said it, I believe it.
5 years ago
Paul Joseph Walton My line of Waltons come from Alston Cumberland England, which is boardering Scotland. Adam Walton brought his family to America in 1892 and sttled in the Wellsville, Ohio area and there are some of extended family, who still live there.
5 years ago