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Kathie Lynn Webb- Blair

Joined:October 22 2010 (5 years ago)
Genealogy surnames I am researching:Webb, Warters, Uzzell, Lassiter,Gholson, Hussar, McElroy, Burkhart, Davidson, Baltzell, Hupffer, Marstellar, Oesting

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Kathie Lynn Webb- Blair I love genealogy and am lucky that my mother left me all of the work she had completed on her side of the family, Oregon pioneers who came west in 1847. I just end up staying up all night and my cat gets mad at me!
5 years ago
Kathie Lynn Webb- Blair My family members on my mother's side include the Taylors, Burkharts, Davidsons & Baltzells that I am aware of. My family members on my father's side include the Webbs, Warters, Gholsons, Lassiters, Uzzells and Wood(s). There are more, but these are the main ones as of now.
5 years ago
Kathie Lynn Webb- Blair I just found out that John Burkhart kept a diary of his trip out West from Tennessee to Oregon in 1847 and feel like I've hit the Mother Load! My sister is looking for it so she can get it to me asap and I am thrilled beyond belief! I never knew it existed before yesterday, and now I can add it to my family's history on my mother's side.
5 years ago
Deborah Perkins Kathie, I would love to see that information also! We have that connection from the Burkhart side!
5 years ago
Alexandra Gearhart I wanted to let Kathie's genealogy friends know that her yahoo email account was hacked. She hopes the hacker doesn't bother all those in her contact list but if they do please know it is not her asking for monies and she is not stranded in a foreign country.
4 years ago
Kathie Lynn Webb- Blair I regained control of my Yahoo account as of July 31st. I had to pay for computer repairs & am still dealing with multiple email addresses I had to create while my Yahoo was being used by theives from Algeria, no less. I have never been to Spain, don't even have a passport and have lost all of my email addresses, all 100+ of them. I am so embarrassed, upset and frustrated but am very grateful to Alexandria Gearhart & Howard Sutherland for sending out the warning to my friends at Find A Grave, Facebook and MyHeritage. Bless you all. With all sincerity, Kathie L.Webb Blair, in Portland, Oregon, not Spain.
4 years ago
Elyson Bell Taylor I received and read your post. I have only been researching my family tree for 2 years and I have been trying to verify thoroughly each link so I haven't gotten any further than Johnathan Taylor born in South Carolina Mar 18 1760 on the Taylor side. My ancestors moved from SC to Georgia to Alabama to Texas in the fall of 1896. As far as I know none of my Taylors came through New York or Kansas. BTW, I lived in Seattle for a year and have cousins around the Sound. While working up there I had the chance to visit extensively. Such a nice place the NW. Elyson Taylor
4 years ago
Kathie Lynn Webb- Blair I appreciate being added to this family tree site, but I don't know how we are connected. I really wish I did and would appreciate it if someone could help me by explaining the "list" that I've seen pop up in red. I'm afraid I don't know anything about a list, but I do know that I am have Polish DNA in me & would love to learn how it has come into my being. Can you please, please help me? This is just all too terrific!!! Thank you so much. With all Sincerity, Kathie L.Webb Blair, in Portland, Oregon (And I am swamped with deceased family to enter into my family tree, but always love to hear about new ones I didn't know about before. This is exciting!)
3 years ago
Kathie Lynn Webb- Blair The above comment was written on March 19, 2012
3 years ago