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 Great Britain
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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Forrest,Caird,Gow and Hemmings.
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Elaine Short Hi Janet am I correct in thinking you have found new matches on my Short site I have my husbands family on a separate site, let me know what the connection is, if you have time.
Thank You
3 years ago
Janet Hemmings Hello Elaine, The only matches are the ones I found through smart matches. On checking the smart matches there is the Short site and another named Alan Mitchell. I don't know if he is a member of your husband's family or not. Have a look on his tree and you might find the connection. Good luck.
3 years ago
josie bonjour JANET, j'aimerais connaître les liens familiaux qui nous unissent. Amicalement JOSIANE BOULIZON née COLLIS. (je ne connais pas bien l'anglais hélas)
3 years ago
Janet Hemmings Bonjour Josiane, j'ai regardé le lien entre nos familles. Bien qu'il soit un parent éloigné du côté de mon mari de la famille que la connexion est Jane Collis (Ibbotson) mariée à Henry Collis (1803-1873). J'espère que cette traduction est entendu par vous et l'information est utile pour vous.
meilleurs vœux
3 years ago
josie bonjour JANET, merci beaucoup pour votre message. J'aimerais savoir écrire l'anglais aussi bien que vous le français. Bravo !
3 years ago
john mills i am the third son of hammond egbert mills and dagmar williams mills(born bowers)my ggparents were samuel mills and grace mills(born fox).
3 years ago
Cait O'Shea Hi Janet,
As you will see I have taken the Hemming family back so far. The reason I started looking at the Hemming family was that my mother's aunt was married to Samuel Ernest Hemming. He was a crewmember on the Titanic, as you may know. I learnt about him when one Saturday when young , I was watching the old black &white film of “The longest night“. Elizabeth and Sam had 3 children and when Samuel died, Elizabeth remarried again to another sailor. I don't think that there were children from that marriage. All 3 are buried in the same plot overlooking Gosport. I am hoping to visit the area next month when I visit my son because I have another relative buried in HM Haslar cemetery, this one was my dad’s uncle who died in WW1. My found in a Sunday pare last year, that they family were or had put Samuel’s keys up for auction. I wrote to the person who had write the piece being that it was the century of the sinking and never received an answer. I also contacted the local Southampton TV studios as they had put Fred Dinnage in contact with another member of someone who was connected with the Titanic as his relative had been also on the Titanic. Again, I got no reply. I found also that there are other relatives to Sam who funny enough lived near me in Berkshire , just a few miles away but none of us knew it (that we were related) until I have moved and her sister had moved to Essex. I was lucky to be invited to the celebrations, if you can all it that in Cobh, where the Titanic sailed from, it’s less than an hour away from me and I have friends that live in Cobh.

I don’t know how long you have been doing this (research) but I started about 30 years ago plus when I started looking for my paternal grandfather. This year I found him, his brother, wife and sister. These would have been my ggranuncle/aunts and a cousin. Funny, a cousin on one side of my dad’s family found the other side; if you can understand that. It turned out that the cousin grand maternal side’s father went to school and was married and is buried all in the same church, cemetery etc as Kath’s dad). The other cousin who found the death cert, which took me 30 years to find, [paternal grandfather’s side] got the death cert, which gave us a lot of information and how he died a terrible death over 3 days. I’ve written for the inquest report as there was an autopsy and they were going to carry out the inquest but bury him first. He was buried 3 days after he died, similar to here. Any way I’ve gone off the trail as to what I was going to ask. I have another side of the family who found me via Ancestry and wanted to connect via them. I have tried have been unsuccessful. Do you know how it’s done or do you have nothing to do with Ancestry?

I have a photo of Samuel, Elizabeth and Courtney’s headstone in Portsdown Hill Portsmouth but can’t find the cousins. I will try when I get there as my lads call me Miss Maple…………. It’s taken me a long time to do this. I’m glad that I have a son who has the same interest as me and he is one of those who plays part in re-enactments. Sorry I’ve gone on too long.

2 years ago
Carolyn Dominish Congratulations Cait on your tireless research. Very interesting.
4 days ago