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richard tyack From Richard james Tyack Hi Elaine I have old family tree from way back. It starts James Tyack married Ann Treloar in 1749 they had 6 children one Richard 4.11.1753 he married Joan Medlyn 12.1.1784 they had James 15.5.1785 Richard 19.10.1788 Joan 26.6.1791 she married John Glasson 26.12.1811they had lots of children one Johanna or Joey orJoanna or even called Lucy all the same Joey Glasson that married James Tyack in5.11.1833 he was my G.G Grandfather.
4 years ago
richard tyack My gg grandmother was Joanna Glasson sister to your Caroline Glasson nee Box 1821-1850.
4 years ago
Elaine Barnes Hi Richard !! That MUST make us cousins of some sorts !! It's great to find someone else on the family tree who is also doing research !! Hopefully we can help each other out now and then :D
4 years ago
Heather Duval Heather Burford Hi Elaine my grandmother was Effie Muriel Harris nee Graham, daughter of Walter and Mary Ann Graham
3 years ago
Elaine Barnes Hi Heather I do have Effie Graham on my tree, and know that she married someone with the surname of Harris. I can give you a bit more info .... but I’m afraid she is a little “distant” from my direct line. My interest comes through her mother, Mary Ann (“Pollie”) Goodes. You’re more than welcome to any info that I have, but please treat it as a “hint” and not gospel truth, because I don’t think I have verified any of this with documentation at this stage.

Effie Muriel Graham’s parents:
FATHER: Walter Graham, b.19/9/1869 at Inman Valley, SA and d. 18/1/1936 at Gawler, SA. He married:
MOTHER: Mary Ann (“Polly”) Goodes, b.27/7/1864 at Saddleworth, SA and d.12/11/1946 at Gawler, SA
Their children were:
1) Mary Graham, b.12/1/1891
2) Clarence James Graham, b.24/101/1893
3) Rena Graham, b.31/1/1895
4) Mervyn Douglas Graham, b.10/12/1896
5) Ernest Cyril Graham, b.31/8/1898
6) Effie Muriel Graham, b.31/8/1898 … Your grandmother was a twin !!
7) Vera Mavis Graham, b.29/6/1900
8) Ethel Maude Graham, b.12/1/1902
9) Mavis Thelma Graham, b.20/10/1903

Walter Graham’s father was Duncan Graham, but I have no birth/marriage/death info for him, nor his wife’s name.

Mary Ann (Polly) Goodes’ parents were:
FATHER: James Goodes (b.1837 in Sawtry, Huntingdonshire, UK, and died 6 Sep 1911, Jamestown, SA) He married:
MOTHER: Emily Florence Robinson (b.1838 ??? no details where, and died 30 Jan 1893 at Jamestown, SA)
Their children were:
1) Selina Goodes, b.22/10/1859
2) Martha Goodes, b.19/3/1861
3) Thomas Goodes, b.23/10/1862
4) Mary Ann (Polly)Goodes, b.27/7/1864
5) James Goodes, b.6/6/1866
6) Caroline Amelia (Millie) Goodes, b.7/2/1868
7) Emily Florence Goodes, b.11/9/1869
8) James William Goodes, b.12/8/1872
9) Edith Goodes, b.11/8/1874
10) Herbert Ernest Goodes, b.11/10/1875
11) Fred Clarence Goodes, b.7/11/1877
12) Stanley Claud Good, b.17/3/1880

James Goodes parents were:
FATHER: William Goodes (b.24/3/1807, Sawtry, Huntingdonshire, UK … James is my great-great-grandfather.

Hopefully some of this might be new news to you :D !!

Best wishes
Elaine (Barnes) in Adelaide, South Australia
3 years ago
Tanya Barrett Hi Elaine

We are related through Eliza Tree. She married Alfred Quaintance. One of her children Charles Harold Quaintance, was my Great Grandad (by marriage) He married Mary Ellen Luckes (Castle) with whom he was good friends for many years prior to both their spouses dying.

If you want nay further info. Just drop me a line.

Brisbane Australia.
2 years ago